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Welcome to MWright96's user page
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About Me
— Wikipedian  —
NameMicheal Wright
CountryUnited Kingdom
Time zoneBST
Current timeCurrent UTC is 21:01
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesGardening, Reading,

Motor racing, Summer and Winter Olympics, World History, Eurovision, Wikipedia

Account statistics
Joined5 July 2012

Hello! This is the userpage of MWright96 (Micheal Wright) who has been a Wikipedian since 2012. He writes about motor racing, the Olympics and Paralympics, darts, snooker and creating notable women.


What I do[edit]

MWright96 joined Wikipedia under the username F1fan1000 on 9 April 2012 but forgot the password for that account and as a result created his current account on 5 July 2012, which he called Z105space. He was active within the first few months before reducing his workload until mid-2014 when he began to take on major article development work. In his early days he was also an frequent contributor to Wikimedia Commons.

On 11 July 2016, he assumed his current name MWright96. At present he is active in the field of sport (primarily motor racing, anything related to the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, darts and snooker), and occasionally has made minor edits to articles on a wide variety of topics. MWright's reasoning for working on motorsport is because it is his main area of interest and upon looking at the amount of coverage it received at GA, FA and FL, he was dismayed.

Outside of the field he participated in the Awaken the Dragon edit-a-thon between February and April 2016, where he contributed to expanding coverage of Wales and later participated in The Africa Destubathon. MWright96 also participated in The UK and Ireland 10,000 Challenge and The Europe 10,000 Challenge. He is a member of Women in Red, whose aim is to reduce Wikipedia's content gender gap.

The majority of MWright's work is either started or expanded in sandboxes (which he calls drafts). Some of it is translated from other Wikipedias. Furthermore he reviews articles that have been nominated for review at the Good Article Nominations page and is open to comment at Peer Review or FAC.


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He is 24 years old.
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Featured content[edit]

Featured work[edit]

MWright96 is a prolific writer, promoting 266 articles to Good Article status as well as 6 articles to Featured Article class and 14 lists to Featured List status.

Articles created[edit]

This user has created a total of 277 articles on a wide range of subjects over the course of their career as a Wikipedian.

Articles expanded[edit]

The articles expanded list contains articles of which MWright96 have not nominated for Good Article or Featured Article status but that the coverage of the topic in question has been significantly expanded.

Did you know[edit]

A total of 91 articles of which MWright96 has created or expanded have been featured in the Did You Know? section of the front page.

GA reviews[edit]

MWright96 is a reviewer of articles that have been nominated at Good Article Nominations.


MWright96 has received a number of awards for his service to Wikipedia.