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I am a quirky Brit with a strong eccentric streak. I hate talking about myself, so I'll just say the following things:

My interests are very wide-ranging, but foremost is an interest in fashion history and related subjects, particularly British fashion design, though I'm well-versed with other designers as well. I also know quite a bit about social history, and am fascinated by the lives of people and personal histories, and often surprise myself with the random things I know about random things.

I never use a greengrocer's apostrophe[1], and I know how to use words. In fact, I learned the written word very early on (pre-school) as one might a mother tongue. While I'm not terribly good at parsing sentences or explaining language in technical terms, I instinctively and intuitively know how words should be. I do tend to repeat words and phrases in close proximity to each other within a paragraph or even sentence, and cringe when I realise I've done so. While my spelling is generally good, I often confuse "tion" and "ton" endings and have a tendency to malaprop place-names and celebrities. This causes much amusement amongst my friends.

I have a deep-dyed dislike for the misuse of there/their/they're and similar, although I never actually learned the rules of grammar. I just picked them up as I went along, and I know what's right and, dare I say it - what ain't.

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  1. ^ Although every now and again one accidentally slips out. Obviously I accidentally deleted the word "career" after the offending apostrophe and didn't notice. Thank goodness THAT was in an edit summary. Alas, you can't edit edit summaries...