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ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ (KNOW YOURSELF) - inscription on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
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I am MacGyverMagic, also known by the abbreviation of Mgm on the internet and I come from the Netherlands. I first came to Wikipedia after seeing it featured on BBC Click Online. My very first edit was improving the article Sodium chloride on April 18, 2004. I did the coding by looking up examples elsewhere. Only after successfully editing that page, did I start reading all the help and policy pages. I got addicted soon after and since December 1, 2004 I have administrator status on the English Wikipedia.

As of 2007 I primarily keep myself busy with article creation, copyediting and administrator tasks. I'm also listed as a translator from Dutch to English.

Even though I study chemistry, I tend to stay away from chemistry articles in order to keep my time of Wikipedia a hobby instead of work. My favorite topics to edit are: magic, Ancient Egypt (hieroglyphs in particular) and more recently forensic science; I also contribute to various articles on film and television. Since I believe talented young people are heavily underrepresented on Wikipedia, I tend to work on articles related to child actors, child singers and other famous children (see Nuvola apps kuser.png my list). But I often get distracted, resulting in edits all over the place. For quite a while I managed the "Did you know" section on the Main Page and on October 23, 2006 I won the Esperanza Userpage Award shortly before the award's page got deleted. As part of the Adopt-a-User program I have adopted Presidentman (formerly known as Patricknoddy).

Outside of Wikipedia I enjoy performing magic, fiction writing and a game called mafia (also known as werewolf).