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List of islands[edit]

Name Island Group / Location
Campay Outer Hebrides
Cearstaidh Outer Hebrides
Clett Inner Hebrides
Clettack Skerry Pentland Skerries
Craro Inner Hebrides
Deasker Monarch Islands
Eilean Fladday Inner Hebrides
Eilean Mullagrach Summer Isles
Eilean Nan Ron Highland
Eilean Tigh Inner Hebrides
Eileanan Iasgaich Outer Hebrides
Fiaray Outer Hebrides
Fish Holm Shetland Islands
Fladda Treshnish Isles
Flaray Outer Hebrides
Floday Outer Hebrides
Flodday near Barra Outer Hebrides
Flodday near Vatersay Outer Hebrides
Flodaigh, Benbecula 11 people Outer Hebrides
Floddaybeg Outer Hebrides
Floddaymore Outer Hebrides
Fuday Outer Hebrides
Fuiay Outer Hebrides
Garb Sgeir Inner Hebrides
Gighay Outer Hebrides
Gilsay Outer Hebrides
Glas-leac Beag Summer Isles
Glas-leac Mor Summer Isles
Glimps Holm Orkney Islands
Gloup Holm Shetland Islands
Groay Outer Hebrides
Gunna Inner Hebrides
Haaf Gruney Shetland Islands
Harlosh Island Inner Hebrides
Hearnish Monarch Islands
Horse Island Small Isles
Horse Island Summer Isles
Name Island Group / Location
Lady's Holm Shetland Islands
Little Skerry Pentland Skerries
Longa Island Highland
Longay Inner Hebrides
Louther Skerry Pentland Skerries
Lunna Holm Shetland Islands
Isle Martin Summer Isles
Mealasta Outer Hebrides
Mingay Inner Hebrides
Moul of Eswick Shetland Islands
Muckle Green Holm Orkney Islands
Muckle Ossa Shetland Islands
North Havra Shetland Islands
Oldany Island Highland
Opsay Outer Hebrides
Orfasay Shetland Islands
Ornsay Inner Hebrides
Oronsay, Outer Hebrides Outer Hebrides
Orosay Outer Hebrides _ South Gruney Shetland Islands
South Isle of Gletness Shetland Islands
Stockay Monarch Islands
Stockinish Island Outer Hebrides
Stromay Outer Hebrides
Stuley Outer Hebrides
Sursay Outer Hebrides
Tarner Island Inner Hebrides
Urie Lingey Shetland Islands