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We have a few people who are highly sensitive to questions that they feel are asking for medical advice. They delete questions and fight against the consensus to ensure that the questions are never reverted regardless of how many people disagree with them. We can post a diff here. We can discuss it over and over. We can rehash the same arguments again and again. It solves nothing. All it takes is one person to label a question as a request for medical advice and the question is guaranteed to be deleted and never reverted even if every other person in Wikipedia disagrees with the deletion. In other areas, we like to claim that Wikipedia is not censored. In this case, Wikipedia is heavily censored. We are not allowed to discuss anything remotely related the medical field even if we doing nothing more than quoting studies found in the AMA journal or reports by the NIH. Medical science is not authorized as science in Wikipedia and has been banned by a very small minority of overly sensitive users. Complaining fixes nothing. My suggestion is to delete the reference desk all together. I can rationalize just as well as anyone else. Give me any question from the reference desk and I can guarantee that I can create just as an absurd rationalization that answering the question could cause an extremely stupid person harm. Therefore, no questions are safe. No questions should be allowed. They should all be deleted. -- kainaw 12:18, 19 March 2008 (UTC)