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Alright stop. Collaborate and listen...

I realise that typed words, especially around here where it's all about rapid-fire editing, often make users sound (or rather, read) abrasive and haughty—that might describe me. Being the chatty type I enjoy a good typing exercise (via talk pages, not edit summaries), so if I come across as hot-headed, unyielding, overbearing or snide, give me a chance and work with me! We'll almost certainly create a better article that way, and I'll always remember an editor who likes a team effort.

From 2008 to 2014 I mainly edited music album articles relating to instrumental rock and jazz fusion, whilst creating a few soundtrack and film score articles as well. Other genres in which I regularly dabbled include power metal, traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, and hard rock. For the curious, my username derives from guitarist Tony MacAlpine's nickname of "T-Mac", combined with the song "Dreamstate" from his 1987 album Maximum Security. Otherwise, call me Mac.

In 2015 I created a few ski jumping articles (and its badass sibling ski flying; rewritten from scratch and now a GA). In the same year I started creating bio articles for professional boxers and began work on MOS:BOXING, a much-needed Manual of Style for WikiProject Boxing, which finally got finished in 2016.

There are about 500 boxing-related articles on my watchlist, so if it appears as though I am stalking anyone, that isn't the case unless I'm seeing vandalism. Accusations of ownership will also be brushed off—a project the size of WikiProject Boxing needs a lot of maintenance and gnoming, so I can't help it if my username happens to appear constantly in edit histories when doing cleanup. Join in with the fun!

Itchy edit finger[edit]

I'm extremely fussy about the smallest of things, and it's not unusual for me to make multiple minor edits to an article in the space of a few minutes until I'm absolutely happy with its appearance and layout. Whether it's the smallest of grammatical or punctuational nuances, or bits of Wikipedia's markup/syntax that don't sit with me, I'll keep going back until it looks the way I feel it should. If that annoys you, and an article's edit history starts looking a bit silly, do let me know through my talk page and I can try to tone it down a bit! No promises, though..

My cite style.. or lack thereof[edit]

I actively shun the use of almost all Wikipedia templates—{{cite web}}, {{cite journal}}, {{album ratings}}, {{allmusic}}, etc.—to cite sources. They just bug the hell out of me. I've always had an aversion to things being typed on my behalf when I know that I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, so much so that I make it an issue to switch off any form of autocomplete/autoreplace wherever possible. The only templates for which I make an exception are {{boxrec}} and {{official website}}.

To some it might look clunky or laborious as to how I insist on manually typing out the full details of a source, but I think the templates themselves look clunky, and I hate copying and pasting those silly fields all the time. I find it much quicker to simply type out the source as it would look like when being read. Mechanised.. Machine-like. Machines are good. Live like the machine. Think like the machine. Act like the machine. Become the machine. Be the machine!

To do[edit]


  • Ongoing mass edits: clean up as many professional boxing records (MOS:BOXING/RECORD), title boxes (MOS:BOXING/TITLES), infoboxes (MOS:BOXING/INFOBOX), and lead sections (MOS:BOXING/LEAD). I can never hope to catch them all, but I'll damn well try.
    • About 400+ done so far.
    • Almost all current world champions from super bantamweight upwards have been done; at least the biggest names.
    • Former world champions (particularly lineal) and notable challengers are the main task, but the inconsistency in record tables I'm faced with is daunting and downright laughable. How did so many of them come about anyway?
    • Users 19michael1990 and PollShark (both thankfully no longer active) left behind a collective trail of ineptitude—destruction, even—across many record tables. Flat-out wrong information; state flags instead of country flags; ridiculously superfluous in-fight details galore.. Help me undo the damage by these morons!
    • Even worse is the insidious vandalism caused by sockpuppets of vandal accounts Lock580 and TobyThePug. Wherever you see anything resembling their edits, fix or revert them urgently. Telltale signs of their vandalism include deliberately incorrect opponents, result types, and win/loss records. Just hoax edits, basically. New ones still occur quite regularly, so treat them like whack-a-mole.
  • Create articles for professional boxers who have fought for a world (including interim), European, or British title. Perhaps also European Union, but depends on WP:NBOX.
  • Create articles for Finnish boxers who fulfil WP:NBOX.
  • Create record tables for any world champions who currently don't have one.

Ski flying[edit]

Split off the History section into its own article, and rewrite a shorter version for the main article.

"Lone wolf project"[edit]

For bio articles, change any instance of "[Name] is a former [nationality] [occupation]" to "[Name] is a [nationality] former [occupation]". An example of this absurdity. In normal circumstances there is no such thing as a "former American"—it is flat-out poor English, makes no sense, and applies to any nationality. Unless someone outright renounces their citizenship or is made stateless, how can they possibly be a "former American"? I will be ruthless on this in the form of random drive-by edits, often without summaries, or systematically working my through as many nationalities as I can be bothered with. However, I have no idea how to do this except manually via tweaked Google results. We're talking many tens of thousands of articles. Does WP have any scripts or bots to assist me?