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Alright stop. Collaborate and listen...

I realise that typed words, especially around here where it's all about rapid-fire editing, often make users sound (or rather, read) abrasive and haughty—that might describe me. Being the chatty type I enjoy a good typing exercise (via talk pages, not edit summaries), so if I come across as hot-headed, unyielding, overbearing or snide, give me a chance and work with me! We'll almost certainly create a better article that way.

Since the latter half of 2008 I've mainly edited music album articles relating to instrumental rock and jazz fusion, although I have created a few soundtrack and film score articles as well. Other genres in which I regularly dabble include power metal, traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, and hard rock. For the curious, my username derives from guitarist Tony MacAlpine's nickname of "T-Mac", as well as the song "Dreamstate" from his 1987 album Maximum Security.

In 2015 I began maintaining and creating articles relating to ski jumping (and its sibling ski flying; now a GA). In the same year I started creating bio articles for professional boxers and began work on MOS:BOXING, a much-needed Manual of Style for WikiProject Boxing, which finally got finished in 2016.

Itchy edit finger[edit]

I'm extremely fussy about the smallest of things, and it's not unusual for me to make multiple minor edits to an article in the space of a few minutes until I'm absolutely happy with its appearance and layout. Whether it's the smallest of grammatical or punctuational nuances, or bits of Wikipedia's markup/syntax that don't sit with me, I'll keep going back until it looks the way I feel it should. If that annoys you, do let me know through my talk page and I can try to tone it down a bit! No promises, though..

My cite style.. or lack thereof[edit]

I actively shun the use of almost all Wikipedia templates—{{cite web}}, {{cite journal}}, {{album ratings}}, {{allmusic}}, etc.—to cite sources. They just bug the hell out of me. I've always had an aversion to things being typed on my behalf when I know that I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, so much so that I make it an issue to switch off any form of autocomplete/autoreplace wherever possible. The only templates for which I make an exception are {{boxrec}} and {{official website}}.

To some it might look clunky or laborious as to how I insist on manually typing out the full details of a source, but I think the templates themselves look clunky, and I hate copying and pasting those silly fields all the time. I find it much quicker to simply type out the source as it would look like when being read. Mechanised.. Machine-like. Machines are good. Live like the machine. Think like the machine. Act like the machine. Become the machine. Be the machine!

To-do list[edit]

  • Ongoing mass edits: clean up as many professional boxing records (MOS:BOXING/RECORD), title boxes (MOS:BOXING/TITLES) and lead sections (MOS:BOXING/LEAD). I can never hope to catch them all, but I'll damn well try.
    • Almost all current world champions from super bantamweight upwards have been done.
    • World heavyweight champions and notable challengers are the main task. These I can whittle down as they are somehow easiest to do, but the inconsistency in record tables—up to now—is daunting.. and laughable.
    • User:19michael1990 and User:PollShark left behind a collective trail of ineptitude—destruction, even—across many record tables. Flat-out wrong information; state flags instead of country flags; ridiculously superfluous in-fight details galore.. Help me undo the damage!
    • Even worse is the insidious vandalism caused by sockpuppets of vandal accounts User:Gorge1234, User:Lock580, and User:HamzaKhaliq12345. Wherever you see their edits, fix them urgently. Telltale signs of their vandalism include deliberately incorrect opponents, result types, and win/loss records.
  • Create articles for professional boxers who have fought for a world (including interim), European, or British title. Perhaps also European Union, but depends on WP:NBOX.
  • Create articles for Finnish boxers who fulfil WP:NBOX.
  • Add critical reception section to album articles of interest. Still learning as I go along, but a basic negative/positive description by the reviewer seems to be the way forward. How's my driving (editing)?—i.e. please let me know how I can improve. At this time I'm not very adept at paraphrasing from longer reviews, so maybe an experienced editor could give me some pointers on that.
  • "Lone wolf project": for all bio articles, change any instance of "[Name] is a former [nationality] [occupation]" to "[Name] is a [nationality] former [occupation]". An example of this absurdity. In normal circumstances there is no such thing as a "former American" or any other nationality—it is flat-out poor English, makes no sense, and applies to any nationality. Unless someone outright renounces their citizenship or is made stateless, how can they possibly be a "former American"? I will be ruthless on this in the form of random drive-by edits, often without summaries, or systematically working my through as many nationalities as I can be bothered with. However, I have no idea how to do this except manually via Google results. We're talking many tens of thousands of articles. Does WP have any scripts or bots to assist me?