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17, F, UK.

About Me[edit]



(in particular nintendo.) favorate genre varies - RPGs are good, but occasionally i like a good stealth game, preferably 3rd person. splinter cell: chaoas theory is one of my absolute favorate games. i also enjoy stratergy and puzzle, in smallish quantities. other favorate games include Animal Crossing, Paper Mario: The Thousand year Door, Burnout, any Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and some sport games like NHL Hitz


Not sporty myself, dont have the physique. i enjoy watching tennis, Ice Hockey, Boxing, snowboarding, and dont even get me started on skateboarding, youll be there for hours. I have an adjustable weight set, because i dont approve of weakness, especially in the arms. consequently, i respect anyone with good muscle tone, and have a habit of looking at film stars and analysing how well toned they are. so, a bit of a muscle enthusiast.


I'm a huge heavy metal fan, death metal, thrash metal... anything heavy and "scary for the children". i love it when a drum beat is so loud you can feel it thumping inside your chest and throat. long guitar solos and interesting vocals are key to being a favorate song of mine. i hate repetitive RnB dance stuff, and endless talking over music (rap). i am musical, but ive only ever played classical instruements, which is why i no longer play them much. (flute and piano)


just walk to the action movie part of a film store and pick out any one with 3 stars or over, give it to me and im happy. the die hard series, the terminator series, preditor and its sequel are all faves of mine. i dont like it when they mix it with "rapper" comedy, it ends up being a bit sad, in my opinion. i like comedy in general, good sitcoms like the vicar of dibley and faulty towers. sweary comedy like the thick of it also make me laugh.

I'm a huge fan of the recent Doctor Whos, the "1st" to present series'. I also LOVE Torchwood, and John Barrowman is like, my hero!


I like to think im a bit of a poet... not that many people get to read my stuff. i also try my best with stories, i do hve interesting ideas. it would be great to get a book published, but i know thats a tall order and probably a pipe dream. me and my brother already wrote a spoof of starwars some years ago when i was about 12, so yes i consider myself funny. then again, if you dont like your own sense of humour, who the hell will? id like to write a more serious book. something grim, gritty and a bit dark.

School and Work[edit]

At school im in upper 6th at the moment and study english literature and language combined, religious studies: philosophy and ethics, and psycology for my A2 levels. my favorate is english, which is also my best. I don't know what I want to be, probably something really unacademic, like a builder!


I breed gerbils, and have over 100. At some point, I'll list their names, including the ones that have passed away. Just for fun, y'know. Also have two guinea pigs. Although they're funny and fat, they aren't very entertaining. I used to have a rabbit which was alowed to roam the house, and he was very entertaining.


I love ginger beer, dr pepper, sprite, pepsi, pizza, lasanga, crunch corners and tinned pears.

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