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Li Chengdong 李成東 (d. April 1649) was a former Ming military commander who surrendered to the Qing in 1645. His defection marked a turning point in the Manchu invasion of central China.[1] Infamous for his cruelty[2], he was the one who ordered the Jiading massacre on August 24, 1645. After he later helped the Qing conquer Guangdong in southern China, Chen revolted against them in 1647. He died in Jiangxi in 1649 while serving the Southern Ming dynasty.

Service under Shi Kefa[edit]

Surrender to the Qing[edit]

After Li surrendered to the Qing in 1645, general-in-chief Dodo sent him to occupy Wusong, a defensive outpost north of Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangzi River.[3]

The conquest of Guangdong[edit]

Surrender to the Southern Ming[edit]


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