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Mad Price Ball

Personal web page:

My background: I'm co-founder of Open Humans. I've got experience in free culture / open source, personal data sharing, participant-engaged research, genomics and health research. I'm also a former member of George Church's lab.

Science myths: /Science_myths

Work area: /Draft

Articles I've worked on[edit]

Some articles I've done major rewriting on:

  • Genetics - (5/27/07) at the moment the page is almost entirely content I added
(before - what the page was like before I started)
  • 3/13/08 - Good Article
  • 3/25/08 - Featured Article

Articles I made:

  • PCR optimization - I made this because I wanted to move optimization trivia away from the main PCR article
  • Stop codon - Made this page to cover material about amber & ochre mutations and suppressors
  • Acacia drepanolobium - The whistling thorn acacia, created the article after reading a cover-story article about it and symbiotic ants in Science.
  • Double-flowered - the double flower phenotype, earliest documented floral mutation and popular in many cultivated flowers

Stubs I made:

List of articles I have added pictures of cats to[edit]

Article access statistics[edit]

Using [3], average number of times accessed per day in 2008/02:

article access/day
Genetics 2,555
Polymerase chain reaction 2,545
DNA replication 1,997
DNA sequencing 912
Epigenetics 908
Genetic recombination 466
Stop codon 357
Human genetics 262
Arabidopsis thaliana 226
DNA melting 105
History of genetics 97
Acacia drepanolobium 6
Domatia 4

Images I've made[edit]

Some photos and SVG images I made with Inkscape... feel free to suggest other SVG images I could make!