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Hi after him my name is Nick I wanted to let you know how much editing has done for wiki cause people don't know what actually happened or what is true so thanks and have a good day.

Terry Branstad, current and longest serving US governor in history- of Iowa has endorsed Donald Trump.

Recent Foo Fighters edit[edit]

A better citation for your recent edit of the page might be this one:

The URL you provide doesn't actually get visitors to the cited content. You have to click around to find it, which is annoying. And the page you cite is in a clickbait format. The fooarchive page provides a broader context for the statement, too. Good material--just a dubious source. Cheers! alainsane (talk) 22:16, 18 October 2016 (UTC)

Discretionary Sanctions alert[edit]

Commons-emblem-notice.svg This message contains important information about an administrative situation on Wikipedia. It does not imply any misconduct regarding your own contributions to date.

Please carefully read this information:

The Arbitration Committee has authorised discretionary sanctions to be used for pages regarding all edits about, and all pages related to post-1932 politics of the United States and closely related people, a topic which you have edited. The Committee's decision is here.

Discretionary sanctions is a system of conduct regulation designed to minimize disruption to controversial topics. This means uninvolved administrators can impose sanctions for edits relating to the topic that do not adhere to the purpose of Wikipedia, our standards of behavior, or relevant policies. Administrators may impose sanctions such as editing restrictions, bans, or blocks. This message is to notify you that sanctions are authorised for the topic you are editing. Before continuing to edit this topic, please familiarise yourself with the discretionary sanctions system. Don't hesitate to contact me or another editor if you have any questions.

Hi, Magic! I apologize for the stern tone of the above note; we are required to use it verbatim. Here's what it means: The article Donald Trump is under special restrictions on editing. A notice at the top of the edit page says "You must not make more than one revert per 24 hours to this article, must not reinstate any challenged (via reversion) edits without obtaining consensus on the talk page of this article, and are subject to discretionary sanctions while editing this page." This rule is called "discretionary sanctions" because it allows any admin to immediately take action, up to or including a topic ban or a block, at their discretion. I am telling you this because you made two reverts in a 24 hour period, twice removing "as yet" from the sentence about the Russia allegations. You should not have done that. The Discretionary Sanctions only allow us to revert something once in a 24 hour period; the restriction is called "1RR" for short. This was understandable because you probably didn't know about these restrictions; now you do. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to accidentally violate the rules again and get into trouble. If you have any questions you can ask them here; I will see it. By the way, the removal of "as yet" is under discussion at the article's talk page and you are welcome to chime in. MelanieN (talk) 16:28, 21 January 2017 (UTC)