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Dug Falk
Birth name Douglas Falk
Also known as The Nonsense Music Band, dugdig, Supa Post, Pharaoh Incontinence
Origin Houston, Texas, United States
Genres Postmodern, experimental, Nerdcore
Instruments trumpet, double bass, voice
Years active 2010 - present

Dug Falk (born December 30, 1981) is an American musician active in the avant-garde music and improvised music scenes in Houston, Texas.[1] [2] Falk began performing as a solo artist in September 2007, defining a sound through regular performances at venues such as Super Happy Fun Land, Avant Garden, notsuoH], and Bohemeo's. Falk was invited as a member of the Nonsense Music Band to participate in the 2010 Houston Fringe Festival [3] and the 2011 Free Press Summer Fest.

John Johnston, John Johnston, John Johnston, John Johnston, John Johnston, John Johnston, / was a high jumper, was a high jumper.

— Dug Falk, Autobiophony


  • Autobiophony - LP (Nonsense Music Records 2010)[4]

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