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WP:AWB has a feature to tag/untag articles with orphan tags. Editors are advised to read instructions on current consensus on orphans before enabling the feature.

The feature is part of Auto-tagger.


  • Orphans are articles with no mainspace incoming links to themselves or their redirects.


  • Orphan tagging is optimised for en and ru wikis.
    • In adds linkless to isolated articles if article has 0 incoming links.
  • It's strongly recommended to enable "Restrict orphan tagging to linkless pages" on the options menu. This reflects current consensus in and it's always the case for other wikis.
    • This restriction is enabled by default.
  • Auto-tagger won't tags redirects, soft redirects, dabs, set index articles and it will untag them if they are tagged already.
  • Auto-tagger excludes from point counting redirects and non-mainspace pages.
  • Auto-tagger will tag as an orphan an article that has 0 incoming links to itself or its redirects that there are not redirects.

Known issues[edit]

  • Incoming links from disambiguation pages aren't excluded from page counting. This results in pages with many links from dab pages to be untagged.
    • This doesn't seem to be a big issue though since the definition is quite loose at the moment.