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Magnetic Wind is the name of a one woman ambient music project out of Denver, Colorado, founded by Jessica Waters. Working in original composition, she is conservatory trained. Her original songwriting and composition draws on intense personal experience with life and the mystic. She has a background in electronica, nujazz, new age, ambient, gothic, dark ambient and soundscape. She provided the background vocals for The Empty Hell’s Here’s Comes the Rain Again and Love Never Dies and was apart of the industrial EBM groups, Seraphim's Requiem and Melpomene1. In 2009, Magnetic Wind debuted her first ambient, new age album, Believe. In 2010, Chakras was released, featuring the single, The World Below, which was chosen as apart of Sounds of The Circle II compilation produced by Suzanne Doucet. Astral Vortexes, released in 2010 by the Endless Ascent netlabel and has been heard on as well as various podcasts and stations around the globe. In December of 2010, she released Sounds of Rumi Vol. 1, ethereal ambient on Magnetic Sound Collective and in February 2011 La Petite Morte, a dark ambient album releasing on Rain Netlabel.

Magnetic Wind has been featured on The Power of Prog, New Age Music Circle, Night Tides (KCUR, Kansas City), Astreaux World, Radio Mystic, Anima Lumen (Brazil),, Sadayatana, Nightscaping, Spiral and Hearts of Space. Most recently the inspirational ballad, Believe, was selected to be part of Songs for Hope, an album dedicating to helping abused and neglected children in the southern U.S.

In February of 2011 she changed her business model to embrace pay what you want, donation pricing as well as free downloads, continuously, for the listening public. She also opened Magnetic Sound Collective a hybrid netlabel/label with the same business model, that contains The Mousai Project.