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Attempting to make sense of everything.
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About Me[edit]

I have various interests, but most centre around history. I enjoy writing, though I fully admit I'm not the best at it. I am however good at spelling, and checking for simple grammar mistakes.

Current Projects[edit]

This page is for a list of drafts where I'm either making changes, or writing... something... whatever. This also has all my pages. /Christie Short Stories or /Christie Marple Short Stories, /Jordan_High_School_bus_crash, /Undercover Boss.

My Wiki Philosophy[edit]

The one thing I'm very serious about is following appropriate guidelines. I feel, and this is strictly my opinion, that everything should have standard formatting. It can be tiresome when users are trying to find information, to see that each Wiki page is formatted differently. It then becomes tedious to search for specific information.

Stepping on your toes[edit]

Hopefully I will not step on any toes, when I edit. My intention is for the good of information and I sincerely hope that everyone understands this. If you have an issue with me, or any editing I have done, please feel free to discuss it with me on my Talk page.

Wiki Resources[edit]

I have a page which I'm currently working on that is a cheat sheet of sorts, and I also even my own personal sandbox for when I need to test something before using it.