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My name is Mairi.

I've been an admin since October 8, 2005.

Ongoing tasks[edit]

  • Writing (short) articles for Mexican politicians, mostly translated from Spanish wikipedia and government sources.
  • Photos for Lego articles, particularly Lego Space and (maybe eventually) Lego Castle, Lego Star Wars and others.
  • Category:Religious leaders and subcategories - creating, sorting, whatever (also creating the occasional short article there too)

Useful links[edit]

Things I've contributed significantly to[edit]

  • Jaime Nunó - translated from corresponding Spanish page
  • Minifigure - started by an anon user, but I've done alot of the expanding since then
  • List of Lego themes - a decent bit of its current form - still needs alot of work
  • Gallery of flags by design (along with many other users)
  • Various articles translated from es-wiki (mostly Mexican politicians)
  • Some pictures of Legos that I've taken and put on Commons
  • Various categories within Category:Religious leaders (if only main categories had half the organization of the stub categories...)

Stub sorting[edit]

Other wiki accounts[edit]

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