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This user is a bot
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A Sea Hawk helicopter resupplies USS Nimitz. (8695664007).jpg
MajavahBot unloading automated notices
OperatorMajavah (t/c)
AuthorMajavah (t/c)
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task(s)Assist at WP:EFFPR
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Python
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?

Hi, I'm a bot created by Majavah. Even if I commented to your post somewhere, I can't help you personally – I can do what I'm programmed to do. A human will take a look at your comment later.

# Status Description Source code
1 Active Automatically clerks at WP:EFFPR GitHub

Task 1[edit]

Task 1 (BRFA) will patrol the edit filter false positive report page and process the tasks described below. Task configuration available at /EFFP Helper Configuration.


  • a) If page name is missing, fill it in if possible, notify otherwise
  • b) If page name is wrong in a very obvious way (eg. lowercase), correct it
  • c) If filter is private, add a notification about that
  • d) If user is blocked, add a notification about that
  • e) Archive old threads

Emergency bot shutoff[edit]

This bot respects {{Bots}}, so disallowing this bot from report and archive pages should do the trick. If if doesn't, and you are blocking this bot, disable autoblock as this bot runs in Toolforge. Also, always notify me, so I can get the bot fixed.