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Greetings and salutations!

I am an aspirational novelist and playwright whose work ranges from dramatic soap operas to light comedies. Two of my productions, both musicals, have been performed at small venues featuring the same high school cast, while many of my incomplete manuscripts can be found lying around with post-it notes to remind me to change some of the plot details. I sing a number of genres of music as a hobby, enjoy cycling and running as my means of exercise, have been a lifelong billiards junkie, and believe quite confidently in the existence of God and Jesus.

A resident of Toronto, I am presently taking a gap year with the intent to major in English literature and Spanish at the University of Toronto in September 2010. I have travelled broadly since my youth and lived in Halifax for six months and Prague for a year. Unfortunately, I was never able to learn Czech, and ceaselessly butchered even simple words and phrases that included "přídavné jméno" (meaning "adjective") because the unusual accents had me befuddled. On other occasions, I visited Amsterdam, Bratislava, Budapest, and the extraordinarily lovely Venice.

My favourite scenery is the night sky just before sunrise.

I lived close to Prague Castle and passed it often.
"We're young and all we try to do is fly
High strung, but someday it will pass us by
So now's the only time
To rewrite the screenplay
Write it in fair play
Hold your breath and watch the new day
Like the hands on the wall clock
We turn around, around
But magic gives us strength to mock
That in the underground
Darkness cannot compound"