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Aloha kākou.

I'm in Hawai'i and passionate about Hawaiian culture and traditions. I edited two books on lomilomi, one of oral histories from native healers from 1779 to now. Published by the Bishop Museum it's called Na Mo'olelo Lomilomi: The Traditions of Hawaiian Massage & Healing. The second is Hawaiian Massage Lomilomi: sacred touch of aloha and is a gift book with pictures of lomi kumu and inspirational quotes. It received a "Keep It Hawai'i" award from the Hawai'i Tourism Authority for accurate depiction of cultural tradition. I also co-wrote the chapter on lomilomi in the book, Massage Modalities by Elsevier Press.

Pi`ilanihale Heiau, Hana

Right now I am finishing up a book on New Age Huna, Ho'oponopono and Lomilomi. My article on "Huna, Max Freedom Long, and the Idealization of William Brigham" was published in the peer-reviewed Hawaiian Journal of History.

Oh yeah, in "real life" I am an attorney, researcher, investigator, speaker, trainer.