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The excessive enumeration is fully intentional; it was originally chosen in a bout of sarcasm.
So what's a mako anyway? I dunno. It's definitely pronounced mākō, though.

Current status[edit]

Not so much daily wiki-ing for the forseeable future.

About me[edit]

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I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). My hometown is Castro Valley, CA.

I work with an nuclear physics group (sorta like particle physics) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We handle the trigger for the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.

I have scattered interests. During my first year of college, I wasted my time playing computer games. I became a sort of manga fanatic over the second year. Over those two years I also built up a pile of LPs and Super8 equipment. My third-year binge was old (1950s-era) electrical theory books, which are too cheap to resist. I'm also acquiring manga and light novels that I am currently capable of reading very, very slowly.

I'm also somewhat of a purist (or elitist). My tastes run toward old movies (the "masters"), and I prefer jazz and classical. There's plenty of other stuff I also appreciate, though.

Editing philosophy[edit]

Everybody else seems to have one of these sections, so I guess I'll have one too.

My goal is to avoid becoming addicted to Wikipedia while managing to contribute to the effort. To this end I correct grammar and spelling whenever I come across errors in casual browsing. If I find a topic which I know about and which seems neglected, I try to rework and add to it. Or I'll put it into my watchlist and hope I have time to work on it later.

But I do find myself spending adverse amounts of time here.


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  • "We — Americans, writers, American writers — seem often to be a tribe of mavericks dreaming of consensus." - A.O. Scott
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