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Randy Richards is a game designer and author of Dungeons & Dragons adventures and articles. His first published article, "Dark Magic in New Orleans," appeared in Dungeon issue #71 in 1998; his book, "Dreadmire" (ISBN 0977338339) a campaign setting for the d20 system, was published by Spellbinder Games in 2006.

Randy Richards & Gary Gygax, at Gen Con in 1998


Randy Richards was born January 9th, 1966. He originally hails from Chalmette (LA), the location of the Battle of New Orleans. He currently lives in Baton Rouge (LA), where he runs a photography business and writes professionaly.

Randy Richards has been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the late 70s, but started in earnest in the early 80s. "In the 1980s," Randy says, "we had the Basic D&D boxed game in our Gifted & Talented class, and I used to play a Cajun halfling. The other kids loved it, especially the accent." Randy graduated from Chalmette High School in 1984, then from college in 1989, and moved to Tennessee. The move proved to be beneficial for Randy's career in photography. "People know me for my writing," he says, "but they don't know my day job is photography. Olan Mills, which operates out of Chattanooga, hired me to work for them as a kids photographer, then a glamour photographer, and finally a church directory photographer."

After five years in Tennessee, Randy was transferred to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and started his first family. "Thats when I first got published. I wrote "Dark Magic in New Orleans" for Dungeon Magazine. After receiving scores of complimentary letters from people all over the world, I decided to start writing on a regular basis. With all my traveling with work there really wasn't time, but while driving I would make notes on anything available: cardboard boxes, gum wrappers, paper cups -- anything!"

In the late 90s Randy hosted a series of Gen Con events, one of which included the co-creators of D&D, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and other big names including Frank Mentzer, Lisa Stevens (now CEO of Paizo Publishing), and Anne Brown. "This got my name known in the industry, although at the time that wasn't my goal. I was just trying to have fun and spread the joy of gaming."

A few years later, Randy got the idea to write a book. "My daughter was getting older, and I wanted to have more time for her, so I decided to start my own photography business. The icing on the cake is that I had more time available for writing. I would copy the scrap notes down when I got home, and as I was reading through them I realized they started to form a swamp theme. That's when I started writing Dreadmire."

There were some false starts and delays before Dreadmire came to print. "First I submitted it to Necromancer Games, but we had creative differences and parted ways. Later... I was contacted by Spellbinder Games. They gave me a lot of control over the project. After my other experiences that was very important to me."

In April of 2008, Randy Richards was selected as "Business Person of the Month" by the Baton Rouge, Louisiana library system[1].

Gaming Industry[edit]

Richards is active in the gaming industry, giving seminars and hosting panel discussions at various conventions. Common topics of his seminars have included the "Random Fandom Trivia Challenge," "How to Get Happily Published," "Scully vs. Mulder Debate," "World of Greyhawk," "Dreadmire," "The Future of Gaming," and other gaming industry subjects. His latest project is Dreadmire Adventures, an adventure-book expansion of the campaign setting he created.

Richards is also the former editor of the Greyhawk Grimoire, an online publication devoted to the World of Greyhawk campaign setting; and is the founder of the World of Greyhawk Fan Club, which once claimed to be "the largest Greyhawk fan organization in the world." The organization claimed among its members such luminaries as Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Rob Kuntz, Frank Mentzer, Len Lakofka and Jim Ward. In 1998 Randy sponsored the "Celebrity Greyhawk Dinner" and "Greyhawk Celebrity Panel Seminar." He has written numerous online fan-fiction adventures set in the Greyhawk campaign setting, including "Slerotin's Tunnel" and "Suel Imperium: Age of Glory".

In 2002 there was a dispute between Necromancer Games, who was scheduled to publish Dreadmire, and author Randy Richards [2][3][4]. As a result of this dispute, the author parted ways with Necromancer Games.

In early 2006, Randy Richards was the subject of an interview[5] for Gloomwing Magazine, a gaming, art and short fiction periodical. Later in 2006, Randy bought his long in gestation game setting, "Dreadmire", to Spellbinder Games, a New Orleans, Louisiana based publishing company that was looking to produces game books. Before Richards bought the company they published "Dreadmire". Several other books have been announced on their website for publishing in 2009 including original novels set in the Dreadmire setting.

Guest Appearances[edit]

Randy Richards has been a guest at local gaming and fantasy conventions across the U.S., including Dragon*Con[6] as a D&D author guest in 1998 and 2006; Gen Con[7] where he hosted panel discussions with Gary Gygax in 1998; Crescent City Con[8] as an Gaming Guest in 1998 and 2001; BabelCon[9] as an author guest in 2006, 2007 and 2008 (scheduled); ConCarolinas[10] as a Gaming Guest in 2006 and 2008 (scheduled); CoastCon[11] as a D&D Guest in 1998, 2000, and 2006 and was elected to their board of directors that year. Randy Richards was removed from his CoastCon board position by vote of his fellow governing committee members in 2006 after serving for 2 months[12][13] — Richards was subsequently elected to the board of directors of the Science & Engineering Education Foundation, the organizers of BabelCon[9] in 2006, and re-elected in 2007[14].

TV Appearances & Community Activism[edit]

In February of 2009, an interview with Randy Richards appeared in InRegister Magazine.[1]

In January of 2009, the Metro section of the Advocate newspaper featured a photo and caption of Randy Richards at a science fiction meeting. [2]

In April of 2008, Randy Richards was selected as "Business Person of the Month" by the Baton Rouge, Louisiana library system[3].

Randy Richards has appeared in TV commercials[4] for Cox Cable, done voiceover ads in local radio spots [5], and appeared in local TV newscasts[6] in Baton Rouge and New Orleans for his tour after Katrina. He placed third in the Adult Landscape category of the LUMCON 2006 Bayous of Louisiana photography contest.[7] His Hurricane Katrina photographs are part of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade's "Life in the Wake of Katrina" tour.[8][9] In addition, Randy Richards has appeared as the subject of two newspaper articles ("One Man's Quest for Science Education", The Advocate, June  Check date values in: |date=, |year= / |date= mismatch (help)) and ("Local Photographer on National Tour", Times-Picayune, October  Check date values in: |date=, |year= / |date= mismatch (help)).

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