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I became a contributor on February 1, 2005 after finding repeatedly very useful information there when I was searching some topic. Finding the misspelled name of Anne Treisman, I registered (see below about my user name), and pressed the edit-button [1]. My first non-minor series of edits came about when stumbling over the Adolf Hitler article, which was in a terrible condition. Being unexperienced and bold enough, I thought I would go and save it...
I think I helped improving the article considerately and at the same time I learned a lot about wikipedia and other wikipedians. I since have prefered to stay away from controversial topics – well, that is except for Neural Networks and Nuclear power phase-out ;).
After my article about Scholarpedia was deleted during a short absence I am very hesitant to start new articles.

I enjoy very much the broad spectrum of ideas and the global perspective that can be found in en.wikipedia. I like meeting different people and to try to figure out how they understand the world.


Usually I start reading somewhere and edit when I find something incorrect or inaccurate or have something to add to the article. Most of my edits consequently constitute minor edits or just expansions of articles. Topics are widespread but currently focus around artificial intelligence and free software. I have made many edits to wikipedia.

My favorites among the articles I contributed to (or which I created) include: (earliest first, recent last)

Ukiyo-e | Irony of Fate | Cognitive architecture | Biological neural networks| Japonism | Unified Theory of Cognition | Yamato-e | Brain implant | Sensory substitution | Nuclear power phase-out | Les Nabis

Here is a list of the articles I started. Sometimes I've only created a stub, sometimes it became more.

Created Articles

Other articles to which I contributed considerably large parts:

Improved articles

Did You Know
The article Nuclear power phase-out, which Ben T/C created, has been mentioned on Wikipedia's Main Page in the Did you know? column on August 16, 2005.

Barnstar-atom3.png The E=MC² Barnstar
Thanks for your work on Nuclear energy and trying to keep NPOV alive. Jfingers88 22:34, 19 February 2006 (UTC)

Attempt at a Declaration of Bias[edit]

My user name Male1979 was chosen by accident when trying to register on a very slow server connection via a badly configured proxy. I was timed-out again and again and subsequently found each name already in use (probably by myself when trying before). So, I came to trying names that I would have never be thought of under normal conditions. I didn't like the name at all at first, however at a second glance it is not that bad at all. As for my biases, my user name expresses clearly two essential ones: I am male and born 1979. Of course, first of all I am human. Therefore I am also a vertebrate, tetrapod, primate, ape, and hominid. Born in Germany into a protestant-lutheran family, nurtered with a mix of enlightened philosophy, I later became an atheist for moral reasons, only to become agnostic then existentialist, finally a romantic pragmatist, though I prefer calling myself skeptical instrumentalist. I am a shy extrovert with a disposition towards generalizations. Politically, many of my opinions can be categorized as being European, liberal, and having a strong sense of ethics. Please take these considerations into account in order to eliminate any possible bias I might have introduced.

Political and psychological attitudes[edit]

On the political compass[2] I am
Economic Left/Right: -8.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.97
... but I am not sure as to what that means. You also have to take into account that it was an American test.

I also took a very strange personality test. See [3]

ISFP This user's MBTI type is ISFP.

About wikipedia[edit]


I think it is very important to source articles with references. Thus, useful tags are {{fact}} and {{unreferenced}}.

Toolbox adapted from User:FireFox found at User:Tawker. See also Wikipedia:Tools

Some popular articles[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments
Fuzheado, Gamaliel, Effeietsanders, Nikikana, LilyOfTheWest, and SuperHamster discuss the annual Wiki Loves Monuments worldwide photography contest

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