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Jackpot Records
Independent record store, Independent record label
Industry Retail, Music industry
Founded October 10, 1997
Headquarters Portland, Oregon, USA
Products LPs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, books, collectibles, and phonographic accessories.
Jackpot Records
Parent company Jackpot Records (retail)
Founded 2004
Founder Isaac Slusarenko
Distributor(s) Jackpot Records, Get Hip Records, Revolver, Forced Exposure
Genre Punk rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Experimental rock, Avant-garde, Esoteric Folk music
Country of origin United States
Location Portland, Oregon
Official website

Jackpot Records is an independent record store located in Portland, Oregon, USA. In 2004, Jackpot Records launched an independent record label which currently specializes in both reissuing hard to find outsider music as well as releasing new artists (Boston Spaceships, Dave Depper, Colossal Yes, Crock).

Jackpot Records (brick and mortar store)[edit]

Jackpot Records is an independent record store retail chain located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Opened by owner Isaac Slusarenko in 1997, Jackpot Records was founded on the idea that music matters and offers a wide selection of new and used cd's, vinyl LP's, DVD's and other collectables. In 2004, Jackpot Records launched an independent record label which specializes in both reissuing hard to find outsider music primarily on vinyl and new artists (Boston Spaceships, Dave Depper).

Founded in 1997 as a brick and mortar store in Portland, Oregon’s SE Hawthorne Boulevard retail district, Jackpot Records quickly expanded into online music sales, establishing a website and online retailing by 1999. A second location was opened in 2001 on W Burnside, in Portland’s downtown. In 2010, Rolling Stone magazine has chose Jackpot as one of the “Top 25 The Best Record Stores in the USA.”

A major component of the Jackpot Record store is the use of design. The concept behind Jackpot’s unique interiors stems from Slusarenko’s philosophy that music as an aesthetic experience contains not only an audio component, but also a physical and visual one. This is reflected in the interior spaces at Jackpot, designed by Nate Slusarenko, which are an homage this idea of a complete sensory experience. As a result, the interiors of Jackpot have been featured in ad campaigns, the book New and Used, a YACHT music video directed by Matt McCormick, in print advertising Converse, Nike, and movies, most notably in Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park.

Jackpot Records (record label)[edit]

Inspired by the dearth of quality garage and psychedelic rock reissues on vinyl and CD, Jackpot Records owner Isaac Slusarenko opened negotiations with the Wipers frontman Greg Sage to reissue the out of print and obscure 1971 Beauregarde album. (The Beauregarde album was Greg Sage’s first music recording.)

There were two driving issues for Slusarenko in the conception of the Jackpot Records label. First, that artists needed appropriate payment for the use of their work, as many obscure recordings exist only as bootlegs, for which an artist is not paid. (Also, labels located outside of the United States often utilize loopholes in copyright law to avoid paying the artists their fair compensation.) The second major concern for Slusarenko was that respect be paid to actual the details of issuing or producing a physical product, i.e., LP or CD, including use of original audio sources, original artwork, and quality of materials used (such as weight of the vinyl, album cover), as well as an interesting and comprehensive package.