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Oops, you stumbled onto my user page. Or perhaps you didn't stumble, you rushed to it, to learn more about the editor of that first-rate contribution that you just saw. Well, that's at least what I'd like to think. It's human nature to err, so I beg forgiveness of you should I have deleted or altered something you wrote or made a comment that offended you. We both can sort it out, I'm sure.

In the analog world, I work in biomedical research, doing bench work and a good deal of writing, reviewing, and reading of the burgeoning literature. It's interesting work, but also somewhat demanding. As a fledgling WP editor years ago, you would see me setting out to slay dragons, like writing a full entry or re-rewriting existing ones. But no more. Today, I find myself working on WP merely to momentarily press the mental reset button. For example, while I work on something that ultimately helps me win the bread for my family, or else to procrastinate over dirty dishes piling up in the sink, carpet stains due to food having escaped a toddler's mouth, etc.

However, when I really feel an entry is making good headway, because other editors much more knowledgeable and committed than I are working on it, then I'm very happy to chip in, for instance, to smooth out prose, check a reference or two, and so forth — such activity makes me a very happy gnome.

Sometimes, but really very rarely nowadays, do I voluntarily go through the grief of giving others grief for intentionally butchering content or prose. Then I get all red in the face and write something that I may or may not later regret. Let's not let that happen.

Thanks for reading—last but not least, here's my short list of significant contributions:

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