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I am a software developer with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary. I am married with two children. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and believe in the orthodox dogma and liturgy, with full obedience to the Pope. I am pro-life, against the death penalty, a fiscal conservative, and believe in originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.

I enjoy digital scrapbooking, gardening, web development, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading (mostly science fiction/fantasy and Catholic apologetics), music, and being a mom.

Wikipedia philosophy[edit]

I strongly believe in the Wikipedia NPOV philosophy, and try to find articles that misrepresent social issues and Catholic teaching, or leave out relevant information about them. I also like to browse featured articles to learn interesting facts and to determine whether I might find more articles to which I can contribute. I've made some mistakes with regards to Wikipedia's policies and etiquette, but I like to think I've learned from them as I continue to explore the ins and outs of this great resource.

Currently, I do not have the time to devote as much attention to Wikipedia articles as I have in the past, and most of my recent edits have been small. I also continue to contribute original photography.

My Wikipedia contributions[edit]

I have taken a special interest in articles related to Roman Catholicism. These are marked below with a ±.

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