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Seiline Vallee is the featured performer in the Marriott Residence Inn commercials, illustrating the spaciousness of the rooms by swinging gracefully suspended in the long red drapes.

The ad campaign was created by McGarryBowen of New York. The other three ads feature Jinny Jacinto balancing on one hand as she eats an apple to demonstrate in-room grocery delivery, Tim Eagle spinning plates in the newly-designed full kitchens, and fire-breather Alex Poulter promoting outdoor fire pits.[1]

To view the ad visit [2]

From the performer's own site:

An actress and acrobat, she attended, for two years, the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Previously, her artistic expression and acting were shaped at the theatrical school Studio 34 and by her work under the leadership of Max Naldini. She has collaborated with El Teatro Nucleo and with such directors as Jacques Hadjaje and Luis Jaime Cortez on street performances, clown and commedia dell'arte. Professor Lili Dehais taught her techniques on the trapeze, and she also does aerial acrobatics on tissu and other original materials. Her theatrical experience covers a wide range of genres from classical (T. Williams, Molière, A.P. Tchekhov...) to contemporary and physical theatre, and she has worked under such directors as Jacques Connort, Rachid Akbal, Max Naldini, Éric Chatonnier, Philippe Maurice and Jacques Rosner. Since 2002 she has been living in the Czech Republic, where her work combines circus with theatre. She has worked primarily with the theatrical group Divadlo Continuo on a number of productions (Život v Peří, Cirkus Distown, Zatmění, Kratochvílení). With Salvi Salvatore she created a poetic and acrobatic duo in the auctorial production The Flow of Time. She was, among others, invited to cooperate with The Budil Theatre School, which is educating their students according to the Jacques Lecoq method. Together with S. Salvatore, she founded the theatrical ensemble Décalages, „theatre in movement". The ensemble's first performance on March 2007 was Posedlost (Obsession) under the direction of Irina Andreeva.