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My name is Sandy and I teach management at a US university. If I do ever get tenure, I would like to study the sociology of Wikipedia... especially policies like "ignore all rules", which encourage common sense and minimize the drawbacks of bureaucracy. This is consistent with my assumption that most organizations will be more effective if every member thinks like a manager.

For now, though, I'm putting my nose back to the grindstone to see if I can win my next hand in the game of publish or perish. I will only be on Wikipedia at most once or twice a week to do some little edits and perhaps some light translation.... I view Wikipedia as stress relief and a mechanism for coping with insomnia, so please be kind if you need to raise some issue with anything I'm doing here.

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Thank you for visiting my user page! Please don't edit it, though. Instead, you can visit my talk page if you want to leave me a message...