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The following list contains the Manifestations of God of the Bahá'í Faith. According to Bahá'í teaching, the Manifestations were God's divine Messengers whom He sent to reveal His Word to humankind. This list contains only the Manifestations that were explicitly stated in the sacred writings, and thus is not an exhaustive list. According to Bahá'u'lláh, "Know thou that the absence of any reference to [the Prophets preceding Adam] is no proof that they did not actually exist. That no records concerning them are now available, should be attributed to their extreme remoteness, as well as to the vast changes which the earth hath undergone since their time."[1] Shoghi Effendi goes on to say, "The only reason there is not more mention of the Asiatic prophets is because their names seem to be lost in the mists of ancient history... We are taught there always have been Manifestations of God, but we do not have any record of their names."[1]

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