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The Qur'an differs from the Bible on some points.

Main differences[edit]

Main differences include:

Christian Bible Qur'an
God's view of man God as being our Heavenly "Father" and that Christians are his favoured "Why then doth He punish you for your sins? Nay, ye are but men, - of the men he hath created." (5:18)
About the Trinity "three persons in one God"
See Trinity
The Triune God of Christianity, the Trinity, is a blasphemy.
Who is Jesus? Jesus is the son of God Jesus is a prophet and not a literal Son of God who shares God's divinity.(4:171)
How did Jesus die? Jesus died on a cross Jesus did not die on the cross. (4:157)

Qur'an reference used the Yusuf Ali translation.

Other differences[edit]

Other alleged differences include:

  • The Bible says that Noah and his three sons (Ham, Shem & Japheth) were saved from the flood (Gen.9:18). The Qur'an says that one of Noah’s sons (unnamed) drowned. (Surah 11: 42)
  • The (Hebrew) Bible says that Abraham’s father was Terah (Gen.11:27). The (Arabic) Qur'an says that he was Azar (Surah 6:74), although many other names also appear differently in the two texts and may represent only language variations
  • The Bible says that Abraham offered his son Isaac Gen.22:2ff). The Qur'an may appear to imply that it was Ishmael (who is not named). (Surah 37:100-110)
  • The Bible claims that the new-born Jesus was laid in a manger (Luke 2:7). The Qur'an speaks of the birth of Jesus, son of Mary, taking place under a palm tree. (Surah 19:23)

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