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Note: I will only include up to 5 deletions from any single admin. This will then reflect better the general quality of these deletions rather than the actions of a particular admin (of course, deletions clump up in the log). I'm not including articles deleted under criteria other than A7 and G11, which means I'm also not including articles deleted under mixed criteria (except any A7/G11 ones). I'm giving my judgement on how well a given article fits the criterion. Basically, a 5 is unquestionable, a 4 is very solid, a 3 would be a judgement call, a 2 is a stretch, and for a 1, the criterion doesn't apply. As to whether an article would survive prod, I say "yes" if the article was (1) recreated, (2) if the speedy template was removed before deletion, or (3) if there was previously a PROD that failed. I say "maybe" if the article was deleted within minutes of creation (you never know in that kind of case).

Number Article Deleting admin Meets criterion (1-5) Would survive PROD Would survive AFD Description
1 The Phonosapiens Steel359 4 No No A7 - Unreleased band
2 The Moriquendi Steel359 5 No No A7 - Runescape clan
3 Sushant Shrestha Steel359 5 Yes No A7 - Unreleased singer
4 Storage Elements Steel359 4 Yes No A7 - NN company
5 Courses Steel359 5 Maybe No G11 - cut & paste ad
6 Jenior Ford Kungfuadam 5 Unlikely No A7 - car dealership
7 "Jon Hersom" RHaworth 5 Yes No A7 - student
8 Garry Schultz WAvegetarian 5 No No A7 - high school principal
9 Campaign Director Allen3 5 Maybe No G11 - cut & paste ad
10 Kek Lapis Allen3 6 Yes No G11 - oh my god so blatant
11 Ken rich Allen3 5 Maybe No A7 - ordinary lawyer
12 Paul K Chu WAvegetarian 1 Yes Unlikely A7 - prof (vanity)
13 Kevin Murney CSCWEM 5 Yes No A7 - self
14 Electric Soldier Porygon (The Band) Kungfuadam 3 Yes No A7 - unreleased band
15 Hwy 5 Enochlau 2 Yes No A7 - nn band, cut & paste copyvio
16 Pawel zawistowski Enochlau 5 Maybe No A7 - student
17 Dr Peter Hale Kungfuadam 3 Yes No A7 - doctor (won award as student)
18 Erika cuevas Jni 5 Yes No A7 - unpublished author/student
19 Elliot young Jni 5 No No A7 - student
20 Maria Q Robdurbar 3 Maybe No A7 - songwriter, almost no info
21 Teleteria Aecis 5 No No A7 - nn web design company
22 Mythos (software) Robdurbar 4 No No G11 & A7, storage software
23 Sa wireless Aecis 5 Yes[1] No G11 & A7 clear advertising
24 Chartered Quality Institute Aecis 4 No No G11 - cut & paste, A7 too.
25 Bernadette Sands McKevitt Kungfuadam 3[2] No No A7 - relative of interesting people
26 Bennet Summers Jni 5 No No A7 - some WP:HOLE in the ground
27 Al Bawaba Kungfuadam 5 No No G11 - corp. press release
28 Clay ditty Jni 5 Maybe No A7 - nurse
29 Jolly Josh Jolsen Jni 2[3] Yes No A7 - fictional character
30 Digitania BigDT 4 Yes No A7 - provider of "mobile content"
31 Miller Bainbridge and Partners Aecis 5[4] No No G11 - nn direct marketing agency, ad
32 Combusto Aecis 5 No No G11 - blatant ad
33 Antibody Directory Enochlau 4 No No G11/A7 - product ad
34 Michael Grady CSCWEM 5 No No A7 - student
35 Connor Vendetto CSCWEM 5 No No A7 - WP:HOLE in the ground
36 Lifty McTankard CSCWEM 2 No No A7 - "pro" wrestler
37 Patrice moreau NoSeptember 5 No No A7 - self (and in French)
38 Deranged kids of the electric playground NoSeptember 5 Maybe[5] No A7 - nn song
39 SofTech Inc NoSeptember 3 No No, but[6] G11, glossy ad-speak
40 America wasn't ready FreplySpang 5 No No A7 - nn band(?) or group
41 John charles nash Mysid 4 No No A7 - nn student, related to notable person
42 Jacob Harrington Jimfbleak 5 No No A7 - self or friend, joke
43 Blake karas Jimfbleak 1 No Maybe[7] A7 - "greatest lifeguard"
44 The Imperial 12th Army Group Proto 3[8] Maybe No A7 - nn online community
45 David lulka Jimfbleak 3 No No A7 - prof, list of classes
46 Blueasfook Jimfbleak 5 Yes No A7 - amateur comedian
47 Brilliant vodka Jimfbleak 5 Yes No G11 - liquor ad
48 Survivor Agent Jimfbleak 5 No No A7 - homespun web game
49 Tamworth Shoppingworld Nihonjoe 5 No No A7 - local shopping center
50 The Buck Stops Here With Buck Buckaroo Nihonjoe 3 No No A7 - tv program apparently not on the air



  1. ^ Must be a repost -- the original version included db-spam and db-inc!
  2. ^ Note: the tag used was {{nn-bio}}. In my experience, such taggings are usually bad. I have tried to get nn-bio deleted but I failed.
  3. ^ NN comic character, a type of thing A7 doesn't apply to. Article has been recreated again (6th time now) and is at AfD, will be deleted easily.
  4. ^ Deleted as g11 but I think a7 fits much better
  5. ^ Article appeared to be unfinished, left off in mid-sen
  6. ^ Seems to be a typical WP:VANITY profile, written like an advertisement, but with enough information that it could be made neutral. With attention, it could survive an AfD.
  7. ^ There's a claim the admin missed, I think. If verified, the article might be kept.
  8. ^ Only because it's so long.