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This is a scratch page - I really haven't figured out how to approach this topic yet. What I want to do is provide a guide article for understanding and coping with hoaxes and legends, providing a thorough set of resources for handling them and developing a method categorising them all. Precisely how I am going to do that has yet to be determined, so I'm nestling it in a personal page for now.

Urban Legends and hoaxes - categories

  • Chain Letters and variations
    • Traditional Chain Letters
    • Sympathy Letters and Requests to Help Someone
    • Threatening chain letters
    • Internet petitions
  • The mythical "Email tracker"
    • Free money/gifts from Microsoft/Nokia/etc
    • See a cute video, receive a card
  • Misinformation
    • Distorted history for political/personal gain
    • Evil corporations doing terrible things
    • Computer virus warnings
    • Truth taken out of context
    • It was true once, but no more

No such technology exists. Examples - Microsoft, Applebee's, Honda, Nokia etc

Reasoning - in a number of cases people are asked to CC a particular address when they forward. It is suspected that this could be a method that spamming organisations use to obtain valid email addresses.