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Breed Subspecies Country of origin Meat Dairy Draught Other
Abigar Taurus Dairy
Abondance (cattle) Taurus France Meat Dairy
Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu Indicus Ethiopia Draught
Aceh Indonesia
Achham Indicus Nepal Dairy
Adamawa (cattle) Taurus Nigeria Meat Dairy Draught
Adaptaur Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Meat
African Boran Indicus Meat Pets
Africangus Taurus/Indicus hybrid United States Meat
Afrikaner Taurus/Indicus hybrid South Africa Meat Dairy
Agerolese Taurus Italy Dairy
Ala Tau Taurus Kazakhstan Meat Dairy
Alambadi India
Albanian (cattle) Taurus Albania Dairy Draught
Albanian Dwarf
Alberes Taurus Meat
Alderney Taurus Alderney Dairy
Alentejana Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Aleutian wild cattle United States Feral
Aliad Dinka
Allmogekor Taurus Sweden Meat Draught
American Taurus/Indicus hybrid United States Meat
American Angus
American Beef Friesian
American Brown Swiss
American White Park Taurus United States Meat Dairy
Amerifax Taurus United States Meat Dairy
Amrit Mahal Indicus India
Amsterdam Island cattle Taurus Amsterdam Island Feral
Anatolian Black Taurus Turkey Dairy Draught
Andalusian Black
Andalusian Blond
Andalusian Grey
Angeln cattle Taurus Germany Dairy
Angus cattle Taurus Scotland Meat Dairy
Ankole-Watusi Indicus Meat Dairy Draught Show
Aosta cattle Taurus Draught
Apulian Podolian
Argentine Crillo
Argentine Criollo Taurus Argentina Meat Dairy
Argentine Friesian
Armorican (cattle) Taurus France Meat Dairy
Arouquesa Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Dairy
Asturian Mountain Taurus Spain Meat Dairy
Asturian Valley Taurus Spain Meat Dairy
Aubrac cattle Taurus France Meat Dairy
Aulie-Ata Taurus Kazakhstan Dairy
Aulie-Atta Taurus Meat Dairy
Aure et Saint-Girons Taurus France Meat Dairy Draught
Australian Braford Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Meat
Australian Brangus Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Meat
Australian Charbray Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Meat
Australian Friesian Sahiwal Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Dairy
Australian Milking Zebu Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Dairy
Australian Shorthorn
Austrian Simmental
Austrian Yellow
Avileña Taurus Meat Draught
Avilena-Black Iberian
Aweil Dinka
Ayrshire Taurus Dairy
Azaouak cattle
Azerbaijan Zebu
Bakosi cattle Cameroon Meat &mdashl Rituals
Balancer cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Baoule Ivory Coast
Barrosã Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Barzona Taurus/Indicus hybrid United States Meat
Bazadais Taurus France Meat
Beef Freisian Taurus Meat Dairy
Beefalo Taurus/Bison hybrid United States Meat
Beefmaker Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Beefmaster Taurus/Indicus hybrid United States Meat
Belgian Blue Taurus Belgium Meat Dairy
Belgian Red Taurus Belgium Meat Dairy Draught
Belmont Red Taurus/Indicus hybrid Australia Meat
Belted Galloway Taurus Scotland Meat
Berrenda cattle Taurus Meat Dairy Draught Sport
Betizu Taurus Meat Draught
Bianca Val Padana Taurus Meat Dairy
Blaarkop Taurus Dairy
Black Angus Taurus Scotland Meat Dairy
Black Baldy Taurus Meat
Black Hereford (breed) Taurus Meat
Black Pied Dairy Cattle Taurus Dairy
Blanca Cacereña Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Blanco Orejinegro BON Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Blonde d'Aquitaine Taurus France Meat Dairy Draught
Blue Albion Taurus Meat
Blue Grey Taurus Meat
Bohus Polled
Bonsmara Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Boran Indicus Meat
Braford Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Brahman (cattle) Indicus India Meat Dairy Draught
Brahmousin Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Draught
Brangus Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Braunvieh Taurus Switzerland Meat Dairy
British White Taurus British Meat Dairy
British Friesian Taurus Holland Meat Dairy
Brown Swiss Taurus Dairy
Bue Lingo Taurus United States Meat Dairy
Burlina Taurus Dairy
Buša cattle Taurus former Yugoslavia (Dinaric Alps) Meat Dairy Draught
Butana and Kenana Indicus Dairy
Cachena Cattle Taurus Portugal/Spain Meat Dairy Draught
Caldelana Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Camargue Taurus France Meat Draught Sport
Campbell Island Cattle Taurus Feral
Canadian Speckle Park Taurus Meat
Canadienne Taurus Canada Meat Dairy
Canaria Taurus Meat Draught
Canchim Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Caracu Taurus Brazil Meat Dairy Draught
Cárdena andaluza Taurus Meat Draught
Carinthian Blondvieh Taurus Austria Meat Dairy Draught
Carora Taurus Venezuelan Meat Dairy Draught
Chinese Central Plains Yellow Taurus/Indicus hybrid
Charbray Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Charolais Taurus France Meat Draught
Chiangus Taurus Meat
Chianina Taurus Italy Meat Draught
Chillingham Cattle Unknown Feral
Chinese black pied Taurus Dairy
Coloursided White Back Taurus Meat Dairy
Corriente cattle Taurus Spain Meat Dairy Draught Sport
Costeño con Cuernos Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Draught
Crioulo Lageano
Dajal (cattle) Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Danish Black-Pied
Danish Jersey Taurus Dairy
Danish Red Taurus Denmark Meat Dairy
Deep Red Cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Devon Taurus England Meat Dairy
Dexter Taurus Ireland Meat Dairy
Dhanni (cattle) Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Doayo cattle
Dølafe Taurus Meat Dairy
Droughtmaster Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Dulong' Taurus Meat Draught
Dutch Belted Taurus Netherlands Meat Dairy
Dutch Friesian Taurus Meat Dairy
Dwarf Lulu Taurus/Indicus/Yak hybrid
East Anatolian Red Taurus Dairy
Eastern Finncattle Taurus Finland Meat Dairy
Eastern Red Polled
Enderby Island Cattle Unknown Feral
English Longhorn Taurus England Meat Dairy
Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle Taurus Austria Meat Draught
Estonian Holstein
Estonian Native
Estonian Red cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Évolène Cattle Taurus Dairy
Finnish Ayrshire
Finnish cattle Taurus Finland Meat Dairy
Finnish Holstein-Friesian
Fjäll Taurus Sweden Meat Dairy
Fleckvieh Taurus Austria Dairy Draught
Florida Cracker Taurus Meat
French Simmental Taurus France Meat Dairy
Fribourg black and white
Friesian Red and White Taurus Meat Dairy
Fulani Sudanese Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Galician Blond Taurus Spain Meat Dairy
Galloway cattle Taurus Scotland Meat Draught
Garvonesa Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Gascon cattle Taurus France Meat Draught
Gelbray Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Gelbvieh Taurus Germany Meat Dairy Draught
Georgian mountain cattle Taurus Georgia Meat Dairy Draught
German Angus Cattle Taurus Meat
German Black Pied Cattle Taurus Dairy
German Red Pied Taurus Germany Meat Dairy
Gir Indicus Meat Dairy
Glan cattle Taurus Germany Meat Dairy Draught
Gloucester Taurus England Meat Dairy Draught
Gobra Indicus Meat Draught
Greek Shorthorn Taurus Greece Meat Dairy
Greek Steppe cattle Taurus Meat
Greyman Cattle Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Groningen Taurus Dairy
Groningen White-Headed Taurus Meat Dairy
Gudali Indicus Dairy Draught
Guernsey Taurus Dairy
Guzerat Indicus Meat Draught
Halikar Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Hariana (cattle) Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Hartón del Valle Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Harz Red mountain cattle Taurus Germany Meat Dairy Draught
Hays Converter Taurus Meat
Heck Cattle Taurus Science
Hereford Taurus Meat
Herens Taurus Meat Cow fighting
Hhybridmaster Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Highland Cattle Taurus Scotland Meat
Hinterwald Cattle Taurus Germany Meat Dairy
Holando-Argentino Taurus Argentina Meat Dairy
Red Holstein Taurus Dairy
Holstein Taurus Dairy
Horro Indicus Meat Draught
Hungarian Grey Taurus Hungary Meat Draught
Iberian cattle
Icelandic Taurus Dairy
Illawarra cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Improved Red and White Taurus Meat
Indo-Brazilian Indicus Meat
Irish Moiled Taurus Ireland Meat Dairy
Israeli Holstein Taurus Dairy
Israeli Red Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Istoben cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Jamaica Black Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Jamaica Hope Taurus/Indicus hybrid Dairy
Jamaica Red Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Jarmelista Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Jersey Taurus Dairy
Jutland cattle Taurus Denmark Meat Dairy
Kalmyk cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Kangayam Cow Indicus Meat Draught
Kankrej Indicus Meat Draught
Karan Swiss Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Kazakh Whiteheaded cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Kerry cattle Taurus Ireland Meat Dairy
Kholomogory Taurus Russia Meat Dairy
Kostroma Cattle Taurus Meat Dairy
Krishna Valley cattle Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Kuri Meat Dairy Draught
Kurgan Taurus Meat Dairy
Kuri Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Latvian Blue
Latvian Brown Taurus Latvia Meat Dairy
Levantina Taurus Meat Draught
Limiana Taurus Meat Draught
Limousin Taurus France Meat Draught
Limpurger Taurus Meat Dairy
Lincoln Red Taurus Meat
Lineback Taurus Dairy
Lithuanian Black-and-White
Lithuanian Light Grey
Lithuanian Red Meat
Lithuanian White-backed
Lohani cattle Indicus Meat Draught
Lourdais Taurus France Meat Dairy Draught
Australian Lowline Taurus Meat
Luing Taurus Meat
Madagascar Zebu Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Madura cattle Javanicus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy Draught Racing
Maine Anjou Taurus France Meat Dairy Draught
Mandalong Special Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Mantequera Leonesa Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Maramureş Brown
Marchigiana Taurus Italy Meat Draught
Maremmana Taurus Italy Meat Dairy Draught
Marinhoa Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Dairy Draught
Maronesa Taurus Portugal Meat Dairy Draught
Masai cattle Indicus Meat Draught
Mashona Taurus Meat Draught
Menorquina Taurus Meat Draught
Mertolenga Cattle Taurus Portgual Meat Draught
Meuse-Rhine-Issel Taurus Netherlands Meat Dairy
Milking Devon Taurus United States Meat Dairy Draught
Milking Shorthorn Taurus Great Britain Meat Dairy
Minhota Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Dairy Draught
Mirandesa cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Mocăniţă (cattle)
Monchina (cattle) Taurus Spain Meat Draught
Mongolian cattle Taurus China Meat Draught
Montbeliard Cattle Taurus France Meat Dairy
Morucha Taurus Meat Draught Fighting
Murboden Cattle Taurus Austria Meat Dairy Draught
Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle Taurus Dairy
Murray Grey Taurus Meat
N'Dama Taurus Guinea Meat Dairy
Negra Andaluza Taurus Meat Draught
Nelore cattle Indicus Meat Draught
Nguni Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Normande Cattle Taurus France Meat Dairy
Northern Finncattle Taurus Finland Meat Dairy
Northern Shorthorn Taurus Dairy
Chinese Northern Yellow
Norwegian Red Taurus Norway Meat Dairy
Ongole Cattle Indicus Meat Draught
Pajuna Taurus Spain Meat Draught
Palmera Taurus Meat Draught Sport
Pantaneiro cattle
Parda Alpina Taurus Meat Dairy
Parthenais Taurus France Meat Draught
Pasiega Taurus Dairy Draught
Pembroke cattle Taurus Wales Meat Dairy
Philippine Native cattle Taurus Dairy Draught
Pie Rouge des Plaines Taurus France Meat Dairy
Piedmontese Taurus Meat Dairy
Pineywoods Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Pinzgauer Taurus Austria Meat Dairy
Pirenaica Taurus Meat Draught
Polish Black-and-White
Polish Red cattle Taurus Poland Meat Dairy Draught
Polled Hereford Taurus Meat
Polled Shorthorn Taurus Meat
Ponwar (cattle) Indicus Meat
Preta Cattle Taurus Portugal Meat Draught
Punganur Cow Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Pustertal Pied Cattle Taurus Meat
Qinchaun Taurus Meat Draught
Queensland Miniature Boran Taurus Meat Pets
Ramo Grande Taurus Portugal Meat dairy Draught
Randall Taurus United States Meat Dairy Draught
Rath Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Rathi Indicus Meat Dairy Draught
Rätische Grauvieh Taurus Meat Dairy Draught
Red Angus Taurus Scotland Meat Dairy
Red Brangus Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Red Fulani Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Red Poll Taurus England Meat Dairy
Red Polled Østland Taurus Meat Dairy
Red Sindhi Indicus Meat Dairy
Reina Taurus Meat Dairy
Retinta Taurus Meat Draught
Riggit Galloway Taurus Meat
Ringamåla Cattle Taurus Dairy
Rohjan Indicus Meat Draught
Romagnola cattle Taurus Italy Meat Draught
Romanian Bălţata
Romanian Steppe Gray
Romosinuano Taurus Meat
Russian Black Pied Taurus Russia Meat Dairy Draught
RX3 Taurus Meat
Sahiwal Taurus Meat Dairy
Salers Taurus Meat Draught
Salorn Taurus Meat
Sanga Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Sanhe Taurus/Mongolian hybrid Meat Dairy Draught
Santa Cruz cattle Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Santa Gertrudis cattle Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Sayaguesa Taurus Spain Meat Draught
Selembu Gaurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Dairy
Senepol Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Shetland cattle Taurus Scotland Meat Draught
Shorthorn Taurus England Meat Dairy
Siboney Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat Draught
Sided Trönder
Simbrah Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Simford Taurus Meat
Simmental Taurus Switzerland Meat Dairy Draught
South Devon Taurus Britain Meat Dairy
Batangas Taurus/Indicus hybrid Draught
Spanish Fighting Bull Taurus Spain Meat Sport
Speckle Park cattle Taurus Meat
Square Meater Taurus Meat
Sussex cattle Taurus Meat
Swedish Friesian Taurus Dairy
Swedish Mountain
Swedish Red Cattle Taurus Dairy
Swedish Red Poll Taurus Meat Dairy
Swedish Red-and-White Taurus Meat Dairy
Symons Type Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Tarentaise Taurus France Meat Dairy
Tasmanian Grey Taurus Meat
Telemark cattle Taurus Norway Meat Dairy
Texas Longhorn Taurus Meat
Texon Taurus Meat
Tharparkar Indicus Dairy Draught
Tswana cattle Taurus Botswana Meat Dairy
Tudanca Taurus Spain Dairy Draught
Tuli Taurus Zimbabwe Meat Dairy
Tulim Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Turkish Grey Steppe cattle Taurus Meat Draught
Tux Cattle Taurus Dairy
Tyrolese Grey Cattle Taurus Austria Meat Dairy
Ushuaia Wild Cattle Feral
Vaca Toposa or Vaquilla Taurus Sport
Vaynol cattle Taurus Meat
Vechoor cow Indicus Dairy
Vestland Fjord Taurus Meat Dairy
Vianesa Indicus Meat Dairy
Vorderwald Cattle Taurus Germany Meat Dairy
Vosges Taurus Meat Dairy
Wagyū Taurus Japan Meat Draught
Wangus Taurus/Indicus hybrid Meat
Welsh Black Taurus Meat
Western Finncattle Taurus Finland Meat Dairy
Western Fjord
Western Red Polled Taurus Meat Dairy
White Cáceres Taurus Meat Draught
White Fulani Indicus Meat
White Park Taurus Great Britian Meat Dairy
Whitebred Shorthorn Taurus Meat
Xingjiang Brown Taurus/Mongolian hybrid Meat Dairy Draught
Yanbian cattle Taurus China Meat Draught
Żubroń Taurus/wisent hybrid Science