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Wizard Staff
Wizard staff example
Players 2+
Setup time none
Playing time ongoing
Alcohol(s) used Beer (cans), Hard liquor

Wizard Staff (also known as Wisest Wizard) is a drinking game in which players attempt to consume more beer than opponents. The empty cans of beer are then taped together to create something that resembles a wizard's staff. The winner is whoever can construct the largest staff by then end of the night.[1]


After consuming a can, the player levels up and another can is duct taped on top of the first one. Each can consumed counts as one level, so upon finishing the first beer, the player becomes a Level 1 Wizard. At the beginning of the game, players decide on an interval to fight bosses (usually every 5 levels). These bosses are shots of hard liquor that are named after the liquor. For example, Boss Daniel's would be a shot of Jack Daniel's whiskey[2]. Taking these shots is required to advanced to the next level. The idea is to have multiple brands of hard liquor so that you can fight a different boss at each interval.[3]


Once a player reaches level 10, they become a white wizard. When another player becomes a white wizard, they fight each other with their staves. The wizard who breaks his opponents staff becomes the new white wizard.[2]

Health Concerns[edit]

A study conducted by the Ontario Center for Addiction and Mental Health discovered that the largest demographic participating in this drinking game is 19 to 29 year old males. There are concerns among health professions that Wizard Staff could encourage binge drinking among this demographic, which is already prone to over-consumption, and eventually cause permanent liver and brain damage or death from severe dehydration. Wizard Staff also promotes the negative social consequences of heavy drinking, such as physical and sexual violence, driving under the influence, and unprotected sex.[4]


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