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Welcome to Mar Alareiks' userpage! Alareiks has done a number of contributions with an old account on Wikipedia (which for personal reasons he chose to abandon a number of years ago). He has also got experience with Wikia, Inc. where he used to be an sysop on a wiki with about 4 000 up to 17 000 views per day. With this new account, a new fresh start has begun, and Mar Alareiks shall contribute to EN Wikipedia with pride. He has an IQ of 171, standard deviation of 16. However, he also believes that IQ tests are highly inaccurate, and thus will never pay to join any High IQ Society, since it not only is a waste of money, but also a waste of time. He also believes that math is best used if used in the pure abstract way, so that it can serve purpose in all ways, rather than in the written way, so that may only serve purpose to those who study by paper, rather than study by their pure minds. Then again, since he has got a number of disorders, that ideology is most likely insane.