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I'm Marc Miquel-Ribé. I'm from Igualada, a small city near Barcelona. I hold a doctorate in Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Human-Computer Interaction. I did a non-paid PhD research on Wikipedia for multiple reasons, but mainly because I am very interested in understanding better the Editor Engagement and the Cultural Diversity of the project.

I am occasionally an editor and I give support to free knowledge and open code.


I have been involved in learning about the Wikipedia communities and I had the chance to write about them and attend to several events. Here I list some of them.

  • Co-author with [Mure] of the Fourth Survey to Catalan Wikipedia Users (Editors and Readers) with more than 700 answers. The results were presented as a poster (pdf) in the event about Wikipedia research Wikiacademy 2012 (Berlin).
  • Presentation at the annual Wikipedia global event, Wikimania (Haifa 2011), on the ethnocentric point of view of each Wikipedia language edition.
When I met Jimmy in Haifa Wikimania 2011


If you want to collaborate in any project regarding User Experience or Wikipedia, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


E-mail: marcmiquel (at)