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Link tricks

Make links faster with these time-saving techniques:

1. Pipe trick: Many article titles have parentheses to differentiate them from other topics with the same name, like this: [[Self (psychology)]]. But this kind of link looks awkward in an article. Place a "|" (pipe) character at the end of the link like this: [[Self (psychology)|]]. When you save the page, the link will be completed to this: [[Self (psychology)|Self]], but will look like this: Self. The software automatically adds the name of the link after the pipe so you don't have to. Only the part after the pipe shows up in the article. This trick also works with namespaces, so that [[Wikipedia:Tip of the day|]] (notice the pipe character) displays like this: Tip of the day.

2. Plural trick: When you need to use the plural of a linked term, instead of using a pipe (like this: [[puddle|puddles]]), just add the plural part after the link brackets, like this: [[puddle]]s. This also works for adjectives ([[Japan]]ese), verbs ([[dance]]d) and any other suffixes. It does not work for irregular verbs ([[try]]ied does not work; you have to do [[try|tried]]), nor for apostrophes and hyphens ([[John]]-Paul, [[J. R. R. Tolkien]]'s ).

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