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Name: Marcus Cyron

from: now Berlin, Germany originally from Schöneiche bei Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

born: January 6, 1976

Interests: History (mostly Ancient History), Archeology

The awful truth

I usually contribute to the German language Wikipedia (see my user page there), but occasionally I work here (I apologise that my English is not the best). On English wikipedia, I mostly work for "interwikification" purposes. I rarely try to write long texts (articles) here, because I'm not sure whether it wouldn't cause more work for someone else rewriting them than it would take me to contribute in the first place. Also, I have more than enough to do on de:WP. There, I'm very active as an admin and author, having started more than 5,600 articles (including ca. 30 featured and good ones), mainly on topics to do with archaeology (ancient art, mostly depending ceramics), history (at the last times moytly history of classical scholarship) or sports (biathlon, skeleton, luge, other winter sports and soccer). My German edit count stands at more than 160,000. I'm Admin at de:WP and Commons.

  • the 10.000s edit on english language Wikipedia on March 10th 2016

started articles (17)

Nikosthenes - Kachrylion - Debra Hamel - German Skeleton Championship 2005 - German Skeleton Championship 2006 - German Skeleton Championship 2007 - List of German Skeleton Champions - List of Roman Consuls - German Skeleton Championship 2004 - German Skeleton Championship 2003 - German Skeleton Championship 2002 - German Skeleton Championship 2001 - German Skeleton Championship 1999 - German Skeleton Championship 1998 - German Skeleton Championship 2008 - German Skeleton Championship 2009 - German Skeleton Championship 2012 - Matthias Ahrens

Articles written by me, translated to en:WP by other Users: Neaira (hetaera) - Euphronios - Red figure pottery - Antikensammlung Berlin (wip) - Tomb of Aline - Fayum mummy portraits - Black-figure pottery - Pergamon Altar - Dionysus cup - Belly Amphora by the Andokides Painter (Munich 2301) - Berlin Foundry Cup - Brygos cup of Würzburg - Amphora of Hermonax in Würzburg - Euphorbos plate - Horses Amphora - Rider Amphora - Neck Amphora by Exekias (Berlin F 1720) - Oinochoe by the Shuvalov Painter (Berlin F2414)

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Ich schreibe Beiträge für die deutschsprachige Wikipedia.

I support German language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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