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HipHop packaging
After working with User:Mdupont on the HipHop packaging, I announced our work on Wikitech-l and Tim offered a better solution than what we were doing. I still want to get the packagin better.
Triage prep
The longer I do triages the better I become. This week, I took care of making a public calendar available for Triages. This plus a bit of plannning ahead will hopefully mean greater participaton.
For the Wikibooks/Wikisource triage this week, I started using talk pages such as Wikisource's Scriptorium. This also resulted in a lot of build-up activity on the etherpad
Bug handling
While I've managed to keep a good handle on incoming bug reports, I'm afraid I haven't managed to stay on top of traffic on old bugs. Mostly, I'll claim this is the fault of the 1.18 deployment and my focus on it. But in the end, I still have a lot of bug mail to slog through.
Stats, Stats, and more Stats
There is a ton of information that could be better digested and presented. Lifetime of a bug is one such piece of information.
For example, a good graph to have (and work on pushing the line down on) would be the average length of time a bug has been open. Hopefully this has been going down as I've been concentrating on the bugbase, but currently we have no way of knowing.
Getting at this information, though, is going to mean that I have to develop some tools or gain an understanding of, say, R, Processing, RRDtool, or (most likely for now) jqPlot.

Daily Log[edit]


  • Talked with Sumanah, she made a good point about getting patches reviewed. As far as volunteer involvment, patch checking is important.
  • Decided to finally write UploadWizard triage report.
  • Tried out HipHop build, will toss to Tim.
  • Putting off this week's triage so WikiBooks people can attend, pushed back fundraising triage, etc
  • Added a ton of components to Bz