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Hi, my name is Mark, I am 19 and live in Cambridge, England

My one claim to fame! Check out Hard Spell - there's me.

d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~  € ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ Š ‹ Œ Ž ‘ ’ “ ” • – — ˜ ™ š › œ ž Ÿ   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç

È É f g h i j k l m Ò Ó p q r s t u v w Ü Ý z { | } ~  € æ ç „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ Š ‹ ð ñ Ž ‘ ’ “ ” • – û ˜ ™ š › œ ž Ÿ   ą ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª ď ¬ ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ³ ´ ę ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ģ À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç

Combinations of vowel letters[edit]

To reduce dialectal difficulties, the sound values given here correspond to the conventions at Wikipedia:IPA for English.

Spelling Major value
Examples of major value Minor values
Examples of minor value Exceptions
a /æ/ bat, pan /ɛ/ many, any /iː/ karaoke
/eɪ/ bass
/ɑː/ father
a (unstressed syllable) /ə/ another, about

Articles I have created[edit]

List of peaks by prominence, Wandlebury Hill, Little Trees Hill, Gog Magog Downs, Rivey Hill, Newmarket Ridge, Rowley's Hill, Seven Natural Wonders, Great Wood Hill, High Seat (Lake District), High Seat (Yorkshire Dales), List of peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, List of Alpine peaks by prominence, Gletscherhorn, St Sunday Crag, Raise (Lake District), White Side, Dollywaggon Pike, Stybarrow Dodd, Crag Hill, High Stile, Kirk Fell, Red Screes, Fairfield (Lake District), Mickle Fell, Stony Cove Pike, B5289 road, Watch Hill (Cockermouth), Loughrigg Fell, Seatallan, Therfield Heath, Knott, Wicken Fen, High Rigg, Great Mell Fell, Branstree, Castle Crag, Patterdale, Great Dun Fell, Swinside (Derwent Water), Blake Fell, Black Combe, Furness Fells, Cringle Moor, Caer Caradoc Hill, Heath Mynd, Mellbreak, Walton Hill, Mellbreak, Broad Law, Monte Cinto, The Calf, Sgurr na Ciche, Slate Fell, List of Doctor Who episodes by date, List of islands by highest point, Maromokotro, Wikipedia records, 2006 in politics, Sgurr a' Choire Ghlais, Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain, Peel Fell, Criffel, Sighty Crag, Shillhope Law, Ros Hill, Top o'Selside, Hail Storm Hill, South Pennines, Lambrigg Fell, Calf Top, Hensbarrow Beacon, Mountain (TV series), Mardale, Otto II, Margrave of Meissen, Cuthwine, Cenred of Wessex, Ingild of Wessex, Eoppa, Eafa, Ceolwald of Wessex, Cutha Cathwulf, Cedda, Coenberht, House of Wessex family tree, List of members of the House of Plantagenet, List of members of the House of Hanover, List of members of the House of Wettin, History of the British line of succession, Template:Royal houses of Europe, Kings of Mercia family tree, Dukes of Norfolk family tree, the longest family tree in the world, Tsars of Russia family tree, Creag Ghlas Laggan, A841 road, Hutton's Unconformity, Firle Beacon, Lowthwaite Fell, Get to Philosophy, Wuffing dynasty family tree, Kings of Germany family tree, Kings of Belgium family tree, Dutch monarchy family tree, Descendants of Louis XIV of France, Aztec Emperors family tree, List of UK universities by date of foundation, List of non-Alpine European Ultras, List of Ultras in Antarctica, List of African Ultras, List of Ultras in Oceania, Seweweekspoortpiek, List of Ultras in Japan, List of Ultras in Central America, List of Ultras in the Middle East, List of Ultras in Greenland, List of Ultras in Northeast Asia, List of Ultras in the Western Himalayas, List of Ultras in the Eastern Himalayas, List of Ultras in Indonesia, List of Ultras in the Philippines, List of Ultras in Southeast Asia, List of Ultras in Tibet and East Asia, Japanese Emperors family tree, Ottoman Emperors family tree, List of Ultras in South America, Byzantine Emperors family tree, Roman Emperors family tree, List of members of the House of Oldenburg, List of hills in the Lake District, List of hills in the North Pennines, Great Coum, List of French mountains by prominence, Rois-bheinn, Princes of Monaco family tree, Kings of Norway family tree, Scottish Gaelic orthography

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I know i have already given you the Geography Barnstar for your work on the Ultras but i thought i should give you this one too for your excellent work on the lists of ultras
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Stars of Orion
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x = \frac{F^2}{mkg} = \frac{(kd)^2}{mkg} = \frac{k}{mg}d^2 = \frac{100}{0.045*9.8}d^2 = 226.8d^2


This is a list of the 178 Marilyns in England, which are those peaks that have 150m or more of relative height.[1] For information about the topography of the regions concerned, see Mountains and hills of England.

In the parent column, the prominence parent is used, as opposed to any other definition of 'parent'. The prominence parent of peak A can be found by dividing the island or region in question into territories, by tracing the runoff from the key col of every peak that is more prominent than peak A. The parent is the peak whose territory peak A resides in.

The hills are listed in a single table to aid sortability. In the default ordering, peaks are listed after their parents in a hierarchy. Peaks with Welsh and Scottish parents are placed at the end, followed by those on separate islands.

Peak Ht Prom Col Grid ref Parent County/district
Scafell Pike 978 912 66 NY215072 Snowdon Cumbria (Copeland)
Hard Knott 549 154 395 NY231023 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Copeland)
Pike of Blisco 705 177 528 NY271042 Scafell Pike Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Lingmoor Fell 469 245 224 NY302046 Scafell Pike Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Harter Fell 654 c. 276 378 SD218997 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Copeland)
High Raise 762 c. 283 479 NY280095 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Allerdale)
Loughrigg Fell 335 172 163 NY347051 High Raise Cumbria (South Lakeland)
High Rigg 357 c. 189 168 NY308219 High Raise Cumbria (Allerdale)
Illgill Head 609 314 295 NY169049 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Copeland)
Muncaster Fell 231 c. 194 37 SD112983 Illgill Head Cumbria (Copeland)
Black Combe 600 362 238 SD135854 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Copeland)
Whitfell 573 c. 221 352 SD158929 Black Combe Cumbria (Copeland)
Coniston Old Man 803 416 387 SD272978 Scafell Pike Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Holme Fell 317 165 152 NY315006 Coniston Old Man Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Top o'Selside 335 191 144 SD309919 Coniston Old Man Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Claife Heights 270 c. 177 93 SD382973 Top o'Selside Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Kirkby Moor 334 230 104 SD259839 Coniston Old Man Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Great Gable 899 425 474 NY211103 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Copeland/Allerdale)
Kirk Fell 802 181 621 NY194104 Great Gable Cumbria (Copeland)
Pillar 892 348 544 NY171120 Great Gable Cumbria (Copeland)
Dent 352 c. 175 177 NY041129 Pillar Cumbria (Copeland)
Seatallan 692 193 499 NY139084 Pillar Cumbria (Copeland)
High Stile 807 362 445 NY170148 Great Gable Cumbria (Allerdale)
Blake Fell 573 c. 164 409 NY110197 High Stile Cumbria (Copeland)
Mellbreak 512 260 252 NY148186 High Stile Cumbria (Allerdale)
Low Fell 423 270 153 NY137226 High Stile Cumbria (Allerdale)
Dale Head 753 397 356 NY223153 Great Gable Cumbria (Allerdale)
Swinside 1 244 152 92 NY243224 Dale Head Cumbria (Allerdale)
Robinson 737 161 576 NY202169 Dale Head Cumbria (Allerdale)
Grasmoor 852 519 333 NY174203 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Allerdale)
Grisedale Pike 791 c. 189 602 NY198225 Grasmoor Cumbria (Allerdale)
Lord's Seat 552 237 315 NY204265 Grasmoor Cumbria (Allerdale)
Watch Hill 254 c. 157 97 NY158318 Lord's Seat Cumbria (Allerdale)
Helvellyn 950 712 238 NY342151 Scafell Pike Cumbria (Eden/Allerdale)
Great Mell Fell 537 198 339 NY396253 Helvellyn Cumbria (Eden)
Little Mell Fell 505 c. 226 279 NY423240 Helvellyn Cumbria (Eden)
Fairfield 873 299 574 NY358117 Helvellyn Cumbria (Eden/South Lakeland)
Seat Sandal 736 c. 150 586 NY343115 Fairfield Cumbria (Eden/South Lakeland)
St Sunday Crag 841 c. 159 682 NY369134 Fairfield Cumbria (Eden)
Red Screes 776 c. 260 516 NY396087 Fairfield Cumbria (Eden)
High Street 828 373 455 NY440110 Helvellyn Cumbria (Eden)
Tarn Crag 664 160 504 NY488078 High Street Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Hallin Fell 388 163 225 NY433198 High Street Cumbria (Eden)
Stony Cove Pike 763 171 592 NY417100 High Street Cumbria (Eden/South Lakeland)
Wansfell 488 c. 150 338 NY403052 Stony Cove Pike Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Whitbarrow 215 c. 182 33 SD441870 High Street Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Grayrigg Forest 494 191 303 SD598998 High Street Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Lambrigg Fell 339 c. 152 187 SD586941 Grayrigg Forest Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Hutton Roof Crags 274 c. 176 98 SD556774 Grayrigg Forest Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Arnside Knott 2 159 c. 150 9 SD456775 Hutton Roof Crags Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Gummer's How 321 c. 217 104 SD390884 High Street Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Place Fell 657 c. 262 395 NY405169 High Street Cumbria (Eden)
Cross Fell 893 651 242 NY687343 Helvellyn Cumbria (Eden)
Dufton Pike 481 163 318 NY699266 Cross Fell Cumbria (Eden)
Cold Fell 621 168 453 NY605556 Cross Fell Cumbria (Carlisle)
Burnhope Seat 747 190 557 NY785375 Cross Fell Cumbria (Eden)
Mickle Fell 788 c. 210 578 NY804243 Cross Fell Durham
Great Shunner Fell 716 c. 297 419 SD848972 Cross Fell North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Lovely Seat 1 675 c. 150 525 SD879950 Gt. Shunner Fell North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Nine Standards Rigg 662 157 405 NY825061 Gt. Shunner Fell Cumbria (Eden)
Kisdon 499 c. 184 315 SD899998 Gt. Shunner Fell North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Rogan's Seat 672 c. 195 477 NY919030 Gt. Shunner Fell North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Hoove 554 c. 179 375 NY785375 Rogan's Seat North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Wild Boar Fell 708 c. 344 364 SD758988 Cross Fell Cumbria (Eden)
Baugh Fell 678 265 413 SD740916 Wild Boar Fell Cumbria (South Lakeland)
The Calf 676 383 293 SD667970 Cross Fell Cumbria (Eden/South Lakeland)
Yarlside 639 208 431 SD685985 The Calf Cumbria (Eden)
Whernside 736 408 328 SD738814 Cross Fell Cumbria/N. Yorkshire (S. Lakeland/Craven)
Great Coum 687 221 466 SD701835 Whernside Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Great Whernside 704 288 416 SE002739 Whernside North Yorkshire (Harrogate/Craven)
Buckden Pike 702 207 495 SD960787 Great Whernside North Yorkshire (Craven/Richmondshire)
Great Knoutberry Hill 672 254 418 SD788871 Great Whernside Cumbria/N. Yorkshire (S. Lakeland/Richmondshire)
Aye Gill Pike 556 167 389 SD720886 Gt. Knoutberry Hill Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Dodd Fell Hill 668 230 438 SD840845 Gt. Knoutberry Hill North Yorkshire (Richmondshire)
Pen-y-ghent 694 306 388 SD838733 Whernside North Yorkshire (Craven)
Birks Fell 3 610 158 452 SD918763 Pen-y-ghent North Yorkshire (Craven)
Fountains Fell 668 243 425 SD864715 Pen-y-ghent North Yorkshire (Craven)
Cracoe Fell 508 310 198 SD993588 Whernside North Yorkshire (Craven)
Sharp Haw 357 168 189 SD959552 Cracoe Fell North Yorkshire (Craven)
Rombald's Moor 402 244 158 SE114452 Cracoe Fell Bradford
Calf Top 609 312 297 SD664856 Whernside Cumbria (South Lakeland)
Pendle Hill 557 395 162 SD804414 Whernside Lancashire (Pendle)
Urra Moor 454 409 45 NZ594015 Cross Fell North Yorkshire (Hambleton)
Gisborough Moor 328 152 176 NZ634123 Urra Moor N. Yorkshire (Scarborough) / Redcar and Cleveland
Cringle Moor 434 177 257 NZ537029 Urra Moor North Yorkshire (Hambleton)
Bishop Wilton Wold 246 203 43 SE820569 Urra Moor East Riding of Yorkshire
Ingleborough 724 428 296 SD741745 Cross Fell North Yorkshire (Craven)
Ward's Stone 561 395 166 SD591587 Ingleborough Lancashire (Lancaster)
White Hill 544 159 385 SD673587 Ward's Stone Lancashire (Lancaster/Ribble Valley)
Easington Fell 396 194 202 SD730486 Ward's Stone Lancashire (Ribble Valley)
Fair Snape Fell 520 225 295 SD597472 Ward's Stone Lancashire (Ribble Valley/Wyre)
Longridge Fell 350 242 108 SD658410 Ward's Stone Lancashire (Ribble Valley)
Kinder Scout 636 488 148 SK085875 Cross Fell Derbyshire (High Peak)
Black Hill 582 165 417 SE078046 Kinder Scout Derbyshire (High Peak) / Kirklees
Shining Tor 559 236 323 SJ994737 Kinder Scout Derbyshire (High Peak) / Cheshire East
Gun 385 168 217 SJ970615 Shining Tor Staffordshire (Moorlands)
The Cloud 343 174 169 SJ904636 Shining Tor Staffordshire (Moorlands) / Cheshire East
The Wrekin 407 298 109 SJ628080 Kinder Scout Shropshire
Walton Hill 316 207 109 SO942797 The Wrekin Worcestershire (Bromsgrove)
Wolds Top 168 162 6 TF121964 Walton Hill Lincolnshire (West Lindsey)
Bardon Hill 278 170 108 SK460131 Walton Hill Leicestershire (North West Leicestershire)
Cleeve Hill 330 242 88 SO996246 The Wrekin Gloucestershire (Tewkesbury)
Wendover Woods 267 180 87 SP890089 Cleeve Hill Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury Vale)
Bredon Hill 299 257 42 SO957402 The Wrekin Worcestershire (Wychavon)
Boulsworth Hill 517 323 194 SD929356 Kinder Scout Lancashire (Pendle)
Hail Storm Hill 477 244 233 SD835193 Boulsworth Hill Lancashire (Rossendale)
Freeholds Top 455 152 303 SD906218 Hail Storm Hill Calderdale
Winter Hill 456 218 238 SD659149 Hail Storm Hill Blackburn with Darwen
Billinge Hill 179 155 24 SD525014 Winter Hill St Helens
High Willhays 621 533 88 SX580892 Cross Fell Devon (West Devon)
Brown Willy 420 314 106 SX158799 High Willhays Cornwall
Kit Hill 334 171 163 SX374713 Brown Willy Cornwall
Hensbarrow Beacon 312 193 119 SW996575 Brown Willy Cornwall
Carnmenellis 252 165 87 SW695364 Hensbarrow Bcn Cornwall
Watch Croft 252 225 27 SW420357 Brown Willy Cornwall
Dunkery Beacon 519 414 105 SS891415 High Willhays Somerset (West Somerset)
Christ Cross 261 173 88 SS964052 Dunkery Beacon Devon (Mid Devon)
Periton Hill 297 182 115 SS946441 Dunkery Beacon Somerset (West Somerset)
Selworthy Beacon 308 193 88 SS918479 Dunkery Beacon Somerset (West Somerset)
Staple Hill 315 212 103 ST240166 Dunkery Beacon Somerset (Taunton Deane)
Lewesdon Hill 279 185 94 ST437012 Staple Hill Dorset (West Dorset)
Swyre Head 1 208 150 58 SY934784 Lewesdon Hill Dorset (Purbeck)
Nine Barrow Down 1 199 152 47 SZ008811 Lewesdon Hill Dorset (Purbeck)
Hardown Hill 207 154 53 SY405942 Lewesdon Hill Dorset (West Dorset)
Beacon Batch 325 236 89 ST484572 Dunkery Beacon Somerset (Sedgemoor)
Dundry Down 233 170 63 ST553667 Beacon Batch North Somerset
Long Knoll 288 171 117 ST786376 Beacon Batch Wiltshire
Win Green 277 159 115 ST925206 Long Knoll Wiltshire
Walbury Hill 297 188 109 SU373616 Beacon Batch West Berkshire
Butser Hill 270 158 112 SU716203 Walbury Hill Hampshire (East Hampshire)
Black Down 280 191 89 SU919296 Beacon Batch West Sussex (Chichester)
Leith Hill 295 246 49 TQ139431 Dunkery Beacon Surrey (Mole Valley)
Crowborough 242 159 83 TQ510305 Leith Hill Kent (Wealden)
Cheriton Hill 1 188 150 38 TR197396 Crowborough Kent (Shepway)
Cliffe Hill 164 152 12 TQ434107 Crowborough East Sussex (Lewes)
Detling Hill 200 163 37 TQ804586 Leith Hill Kent (Maidstone)
Wilmington Hill 214 192 22 TQ548034 Leith Hill East Sussex (Eastbourne)
Firle Beacon 217 196 21 TQ485059 Leith Hill East Sussex (Lewes)
Botley Hill 269 206 63 TQ387552 Leith Hill Surrey (Tandridge)
Ditchling Beacon 248 213 35 TQ331130 Leith Hill East Sussex (Lewes)
Chanctonbury Hill 240 217 23 TQ139120 Leith Hill West Sussex (Horsham)
Wills Neck 386 263 123 ST164351 Dunkery Beacon Somerset (Taunton Deane)
Skiddaw 931 709 222 NY260290 Helvellyn Cumbria (Allerdale)
Blencathra 868 461 407 NY323277 Skiddaw Cumbria (Eden)
Knott 710 242 225 NY296329 Skiddaw Cumbria (Allerdale)
Binsey 447 c. 242 205 NY225355 Knott Cumbria (Allerdale)
Burrow 358 189 169 SO381830 Pegwn Mawr Shropshire
View Edge 321 167 154 SO422809 Burrow Shropshire
High Vinnalls 375 248 127 SO478724 Pegwn Mawr Herefordshire
Stiperstones 536 357 179 SO367986 Plynlimon Shropshire
Long Mynd 516 192 324 SO415944 Stiperstones Shropshire
Heath Mynd 452 190 262 SO335940 Corndon Hill Shropshire
Caer Caradoc Hill 459 271 188 SO477953 Stiperstones Shropshire
Callow Hill 335 154 181 SO460850 Caer Caradoc Shropshire
Brown Clee Hill 540 373 167 SO593865 Plynlimon Shropshire
Titterstone Clee Hill 533 232 301 SO591779 Brown Clee Hill Shropshire
Hergest Ridge 426 158 268 SO254562 Gwaunceste Hill Herefordshire
Bradnor Hill 391 178 213 SO282584 Great Rhos Herefordshire
Wapley Hill 329 157 172 SO346624 Bradnor Hill Herefordshire
Shobdon Hill 326 172 154 SO382640 Bradnor Hill Herefordshire
Burton Hill 294 196 98 SO394487 Great Rhos Herefordshire
Worcestershire Beacon 425 337 88 SO768452 Great Rhos Worcestershire (Malvern Hills)
Hegdon Hill 254 156 98 SO585539 Worcs Beacon Herefordshire
May Hill 296 217 79 SO695212 Worcs Beacon Gloucestershire (Forest of Dean)
Seager Hill 269 164 105 SO612390 May Hill Herefordshire
Ruardean Hill 290 174 116 SO635168 May Hill Gloucestershire (Forest of Dean)
Garway Hill 366 267 99 SO436250 Waun Fach Herefordshire
Aconbury Hill 1 276 157 119 SO505330 Garway Hill Herefordshire
The Cheviot 815 556 259 NT909205 Broad Law Northumberland
Shillhope Law 501 158 343 NT873097 The Cheviot Northumberland
Long Crag 319 c. 169 150 NU062069 The Cheviot Northumberland
Housedon Hill 266 c. 182 84 NT902329 The Cheviot Northumberland
Peel Fell 602 c. 196 406 NY626997 The Cheviot Northumberland
Ros Hill 315 c. 222 93 NU081253 The Cheviot Northumberland
Tosson Hill 440 247 193 NZ004982 The Cheviot Northumberland
Sighty Crag 520 c. 295 225 NY601809 The Cheviot Cumbria (Carlisle)
St Boniface Down 241 241 Sea SZ568785 none Isle of Wight
Brighstone Down 214 150 64 SZ432847 St Boniface Down Isle of Wight


The Black Mountain, on the border between England and Wales, was formerly counted in both countries but is now usually treated as being in Wales only.[2]

^Note 1 : Swinside, Lovely Seat, Aconbury Hill, Nine Barrow Down, Swyre Head and Cheriton Hill have all been discovered to be Marilyns since the publication of The Relative Hills of Britain but were included in the more recent The Hewitts and Marilyns of England.[3]

^Note 2 : Arnside Knott has been discovered to be a Marilyn since the publication of The Hewitts and Marilyns of England and is therefore not listed in either book.[2]

^Note 3 : Birks Fell was resurveyed in 2006 and discovered to be 610 m and not 608 m as previously thought. This raises it above neighbouring Horse Head Moor (609 m), making it the Marilyn in place of Horse Head Moor.[4]


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Lateral approximant + nasal: /lm/, /ln/ film, kiln
Lateral approximant + nasal + consonant: /lmd/, /lms/, /lnd/, /lns/ filmed, films, kilned, kilns
Nasal + plosive: /mp/, /mt/, /md/, /nt/, /nd/, /ŋk/, /ŋd/ jump, dreamt, alarmed, tent, end, pink, hanged
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Nasal + fricative: /mf/, /mz/, /mθ/, /ns/, /nz/, /nθ/, /ntʃ/, /ndʒ/, /ŋz/, /ŋθ/ triumph, arms, warmth, prince, bronze, month, lunch, lounge, hangs, length
Nasal + fricative + consonant: /mft/, /mfs/, /mθs/, /nsk/, /nsks/, /nst/, /nzd/, /nθs/, /ntʃt/, /ndʒd/, /ŋst/, /ŋsts/, /ŋθs/ triumphed, triumphs, warmths, Minsk, Minsk's, rinsed, bronzed, ninths, lunched, lounged, angst, angsts, lengths
Fricative + plosive: /ft/, /vd/, /sp/, /sk/, /st/, /zd/, /ðd/, /ʃt/, /tʃt/, /dʒd/, left, loved, crisp, ask, lost, buzzed, loathed, crashed, touched, wedged
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Three fricatives: /fθs/ fifths
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Two plosives + consonant: /pts/, /kts/ opts, acts
Plosive + fricative: /pθ/, /ps/, /bz/, /ks/ /ts/, /tθ/, /gz/, /dz/ depth, laps, rubs, box, hits, eighth, bugs, adze
Plosive + fricative + consonant: /pst/, /pθs/, /kst/, /ksθ/, /ksθs/, /tθs/, /dst/ lapsed, depths, next, sixth, sixths, breadths, couldst