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I am a full-time, tenured, college sociology professor (Ph.D. in sociology and history; M.A. in sociology; A.B.J. in magazine journalism, sociology, and English; and A.A. in English). Additionally, in my areas of expertise and/or interest, I am a social theorist, a sociologist of religion, a critical realist, a public sociologist, a clinical sociologist, a cultural historian, a democratic communist (Marxist–Luxemburgist), an advocacy journalist (bachelor of arts in journalism degree), a member of the Bahá’Í Faith, an Autistic rights activist, an Autist, and a ventriloquist. Click on this link,, for a zip file of my vCards, FOAF, CSV, and other data. Follow this link,, for the portal to my 32 website domains and 22 books. Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. (talk) 07:06, 14 November 2011 (UTC)