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See Meter Alert State for explanation of current state.
Alien-smiley.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject Paranormal, a project dedicated to improving articles on paranormal subjects.

Martial Law
armThis User has found Wikipedia's weapons locker. Weapons, incl. Admin. weapons, are being tested in the Sandbox.
admThis User may run for and become a Administrator at any time.
warThis user is a Wikipedia Warrior You who want war, you got it. You who want peace, you got it.
miThis user had family members in the US Military.
ceThis user had a HORRIFIC Close Encounter of the Third kind as a child. Show me a friendly alien.
ceThis user has Close Encounters of the First kind from time to time.
gThis user had encounters with ghosts.
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exThis user is too damn fucking secretive, so NOBODY knows what the fucking hell to expect.
bfThis User had a encounter with a smelly unknown in New Mexico. It may have been a bigfoot, since the smell vanished upon detection of this cryptid.

Martial Law

The designation is:Martial Law

This designation is taken from what is needed to control looting, criminal chaos,etc. during and after natural disasters, war, civil disturbances. See the article Martial Law itself for more info. Most often, the police and military forces often have Shoot To Kill Orders, which means that people seen committing crimes during a time of Martial Law will be summarily executed, i.e. shot on sight.


This page has been targeted and vandalised 7 times.

6 times normally, 1 time, during the 2006 April Fools Day mayhem.


This user has been autoblocked twice...for someone else's mess:

  • Someone else had a offensive Username
  • Web Accelerator accounts used for vandalisim by vandals.

Wiki Special Report:[edit]

The US is still under a Security Alert. This will affect Travelling Wikipedians.

The paranormal organization Wikipedia:Paranormal Watchers is open for business.

Att. All Admins:Sockpuppet Bug is back.

A Wiki-link Directory is being created for all Wikipedians for their use on the Martial Law User page (This page)

This will also come in handy when I become a Admin.

This user has had some strange and horriffic paranormal experiences, mainly with UFOs, aliens and ghosts, a marginal encounter(only smelled it) with a Bigfoot.

Meter Alert State:[edit]


I'm in a GREAT mood.

Paranormal cases I've personally investigated[edit]

  • Seen 30+ UFOs, incl. two "UFO Fleets".
  • The Roswell Incident. Roswell, New Mexico has two UFO Museums.
  • The Gulf Breeze UFO Incident. Seen two UFOs there in the area myself.
  • The Phoenix UFO Incident - I have a pix of a UFO taken in Phoenix
    that I had personally shot with a digital camera.
  • The Gurdon Light - a unknown object located near Gurdon
  • The Incident @ Fouke, Arkansas
  • UFO Incident in SW.AZ.
  • Some ghost related incidents, even lived in a haunted house.
  • A Bigfoot incident in NM. Only smelled it.
  • Flying Triangle incident
  • Animal mutilation incident in SW. AR. Incident covered in Linda Howe's books, except that "suits(MIBs/Federal Agents)" were seen, as were black helicopters, black vehicles incl. cars and vans, all unmarked. She does not have this information. UFOs were also seen.
  • UFO Incident in S. Ark. Some call it The Anti-Christ/Devil, some say it is alien, some say it may be a military exercise. This one is classed as a "Unknown".


Fighting, strategy based games such as the original Populous, Zeus, Master of Olympus, the Empires series, ST:Voyager Elite Force and Elite Force Expansion. I also listen to Coast To Coast AM and to Jeff Rense's radio show. This may change.

Favorite Admins[edit]

Visiting Admins, feel free to list yourself here.

More Admins can be found here:[edit]

Also see Wikipedia: Administrators - Full list of Administrators.

Wikipedia's Boss:[edit]

Jimbo Wales

Wikipedians Who have had paranormal experiences and/or interested in paranormal matters / Investigate these matters:[edit]

If you have had a really bizarre paranormal experience, feel free to list it here, along with your user designation. If you investigate these matters, feel free to list your sig and what you do here as well.

This listing is for all Wikipedians who has had paranormal encounters and/or is interested in paranormal matters, been ridiculed,abused for reporting these incidents as persuant to the Robertson Panel protocol.

Paranormal Investigators may also list here as well, just leave your sig. and what you do and why.

Beckjord -This subject has repeatedly encountered Bigfoot. Has stated that these creatures may be interdimensional, using some sort of wormholes for travelling between dimensions. He also runs these websites: Erik Beckjord's Homepage and Beckjord's Bigfoot Homepage.

Martial Law - Had a horrific CE-3+, many CE-1s, encountered ghosts,interested in paranormal matters, have investigated famous paranormal matters. Also had a possible run-in w/ a smelly unknown that may have been a Bigfoot in NM. If 'I were to go after a Bigfoot,etc., I'm going armed, mainly for personal safety.

Bumpusmills1 - seen a Bigfoot on way to work. Incident to be investigated upon permission of this Wikipedian. This subject has stated that the creature known as Bigfoot may be a interdimensional traveller.

Mahogany-wanna chat?- Small time investigator interviewed maybe ten alien abduction victims,(still unsure what to make of our "space brothers" never encountered anything other than a few UFO's

Hi Martial Law! I do believe in some paranormal things, just not Bigfoot! Keep up the good work on his article however! Happy Halloween! (a little early) Steve Dufour 00:04, 20 September 2006 (UTC) p.s. I am also a Coast to Coast fan.

Military Gallery[edit]

My family had to put up with THIS in Boot Camp.That is why I'm a military brat today.

Military Urban Legend: "Sir, how do I get transferred out of this chicken shit outfit ?!", a private asks a sergeant. The Sarge replies with, "Cut that shit out NOW!". This has been quoted in war, military movies, one Sci-Fi movie Aliens, in one form or another. Usually, the lower ranking soldier is pissed off, frightened, or just being a wise guy. This is a alleged military Urban Legend, no more, no less.

Military Urban Legend II: In order to test his squad/platoon, a Drill Sergeant will place a dime in a area hidden from the squad/platoon. One man found it, replaced it w/ 10 pennies. The squad/platoon got a 3 Day Pass.

Military Urban Legend III: A drill Sergeant will cuss out/curse out, may even hit recruits. Show him/her a dirty weapon, etc. and see what happens. How many military and/or ex-military Wikipedians had a guy like R. Lee Ermey or worse ?


You've been new and bold. Continue to be bold! --Nlu 11:14, 29 October 2005 (UTC)

I award you this barnstar for your tireless and commendable mentoring of Erik Beckjord in Wikietiquette. --DanielCD
Resilient Barnstar.png The Resilient Barnstar
Given for your Wikipedia enthusiasm; your determination to grow and improve; and your willingness to do whatever it takes to become a good editor....and because you have made me smile so very many times! Jeffpw 01:33, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Wikipedia Tools and Resource Center[edit]

Those visiting this user page should make a copy of this list for future reference, and add more Wikipedia links to this list of Wikipedia protocol. The intent is to create a list of short cuts to instantly access various Wikipedia protocol and other Wikipedia data files, all without bothering the Admins( who hate idiotic questions), The Boss, the really important Wikipedians.


List of all the WP pages - Other wikipedia links.
WP:CN - Wikipedia Community Noticeboard
WP:ARL - Admin's Reading link list
WP:AHTG - Admin's guidebook.
WP:UA - Wikipedia's Unusual Articles, such as Fried spider (Puke, Retch,Urrrp, Puke!!)
WP:NOT - What Wikipedia is NOT
WP:NOP - NO Open Proxies
Wikipedia:Autoblock - Wikipedia Autoblock protocol. This will snare innocent users.
WP:RFC/User - User conduct request protocol.
WP:RCU - Used to detect/confirm suspected "socks". See the WP:SOCK protocol concerning Sockpuppets.
WP:AMA - Among other things, Wikipedia lawyers.
WP:UBX - Userboxes
Wikipedia:Questions - any questions ?
WP:TTALK - Project templates.
WP:AMDB - Admins who will make difficult blocks. Lets hear it for these Admins.
WP:RFI - Request for investigation.
WP:SW - Spoiler Template for films, movies, games.
WP:FU - Fair use guidelines.
Wikipedia:Paranormal Watchers - Wikipedians who have had paranormal experiences, and/or interested in these matters. ( New Wikipedian Organization )
WP:VP - Village Pump - One section links to the Tech area.
WP:CJ - Community Justice (New Wiki-organization )
WP:ASR - Avoid Self References.
WP:WEB - Web Reference guide
WP:QI - Quick index
Uncyclopedia - For those who insist on being a vandal
WP:BIO - Notability(people)
WP:RFAR - Request for arbitration
WP:PP - Protected page protocol
m:Help:Template - create Templates
WP:UP - User page protocol
WP:U - Usernames protocol
WP:FA - Featured Articles
WP:OFFICE - Wikipedia's Offices
WP:PP - Protected page
WP:H - Help
WP:POST - The Signpost: Wikipedia's Newspaper
WP:KC - Wikipedia Kindness campaign
WP:VAND - Spotting, Terminating Vandalisim
WP:BP - Wikipedia's Blocking Protocol
WP:SUB - Sub. Templates
WP:UTM - Warning Templates
WP:TT - Templates
CAT:UW - Warning Templates
WP:SUG- The Wikipedia Welcome Wagon
WP:BAN - Wikipedia Penalty
WP:ARCHIVE - archive things, like the user Talk page.
WP:RS - Reliable resources
WP:AGF - Assume GOOD faith
WP:ABF - Assume BAD faith
WP:HOAX - Hoax aricles.
WP:DR - Resolving disputes
WP:RD - Reference Desk
WP:PR - Peer review.
WP:EL - External links protocol.
WP:BARN - Barnstar awards
WP:FN-Foot notes. CAUTION:This protocol is still under development
WP:PAIN- Personal Attack Intervention Noticeboard
WP:SPAM- Spam protocol
WP:UBX- Userbox protocol
WP:RCP- RC Patrol protocol
WP:MVP- Most Vandalised pages
WP:SD- Speedy Deletions
WP:EW- Edit War protocol
WP:RV- Revert protocol
WP:SB - Sandbox(For the unmentionables)
WP:WTA - Words to AVOID
WP:ANI - Admin. Incident Report Center
WP:BITE - Don't Bite Newbies. Some REALLY need help, NOT scorn, ridicule.
WP:CON - Consensus
WP:FAC - Featured article canidates
WP:VPP - Village pump(policy)
WP:NLT - NO legal threats
Wikipedia policies - Policies and Guidelines
WP:SPP - Semi page protection protocol
WP:RFP - Full Page protection protocol
WP:RFC/SOC - Request for Comments/Wikipedia Society and Law
WP:WQT - Wikipedia Ettiquite
Wikipedia:Introduction - Introduction
Wikipedia:Introduction 2 - More on Introduction
Wikipedia:Introduction 3 - Still more on introduction
Wikipedia:Tutorial - Tutorial
WP:V - VERIFY sources, etc. on this format.
WP:SOCK: Tool usually used by vandals to vandalise votes, articles, attack people.
WP:AN - Noticeboard run by Admins., others. They deal with all manner of things. Caution: They are currently experiencing a backlog.
WP:VIP & WP:VAND - Anti Vandalisim protocol. Incl. policies on newbies as well as on vandals.
WP:CVU- Counter Vandalisim Unit: These people go after vandalism anywhere. To be in this, one must NOT be a vandal.
WP:BJAODN - Bad Jokes and Nonsense on Wikipedia.
WP:WIN - What Wikipedia is 'NOT'
WP:AGF - Assume Good Faith.
Wikipedia:Administrators - Click on the "List of Administrators" to contact a Administrator.
WP:NPA - NO personal attacks
WP:CITE - Cite Sources
WP:RFAr/AER - Request for arbitration/Admin Enforcement Requested
WP:RFAR - Requests for Arbitration
WP:Arb - Wikipedia: request for Arbitration
WP:ArbReq - Wikipedia: Request for Arbitration
Wikipedia:Bug report - Report bugs, such as Why is this site malfunctioning 1/2 the time ?
WP:ANB - Administrators' Noticeboard. See WP:AN
WP:AIV - Administrators intervention against vandalisim
WP:NPOV - Neutral Point of View
WP:RFA - Request for Administratorship. Think this one over people.
WP:GRFA - Want to be a Admin. ?! Read this carefully.
Wikipedia:Bureaucrats - These people have more power than even a Administrator.
m:stewards - creates "user 'bots' ", among other things.
Wikipedia:Requests for page protection - Option employed to protect a article from vandalisim,etc.
WP:POINT - Don't Disrupt Wikipedia to make a point.
WP:IRC - Wikipedia Channels
WP:QI - Quick Index
WP:RPA - Remove Personal attacks.
Wikipedia:Profanity - Profanity protocol.
WP:CIVIL - User Civility protocol.
Wikipedia:Administrators noticeboard/Incidents - used to report incivility, personal attacks.
Wikipedia:Resolving disputes - Protocol to resolve disputes.
Wikipedia:User Bill of Rights - Wikipedia Use protocol for Users.
WP:ArbCom - Arbitration Committee
Jimbo Wales Wikipedia BOSS
m:Board of Trustees - Wiki bosses under User Jimbo Wales.
Wikipedia:Blocking policy
WP:3RR - Three Revert Rule.
WP:AN/3RR - Report Violations of 3 Revert Rule.

Special Notes / Real News[edit]

North Korea has set off a nuclear weapon on 10-80-6. This could mean WAR in the Korean area. Since Wikipedia has servers there, this will affect Wikipedia, since these servers could be destroyed in combat. See North Korea, related articles. As of, North Korea has indicated that it has apologised for the weapons test. Still watching this situation. Please see ALL news outlets.

The US is under the RED designation on the Terrorist Alert Scale used by the Dept. of Homeland Security This may affect travelling Wikipedians.

Still having some computer glitches.

Wikipedia:Paranormal Watchers is now active. This is for Wikipedians who have had and/or still have paranormal encounters and/or are interested in these matters.

Prez. Bush signs the Anti-troll (Internet troll) law. Trolls can now end up in prison and pay heavy fines. Someone may challenge this in the courts.

I may have found Wikipedia's Nuclear Option.

Am testing Wiki-weapons in the Sandbox.

Wikipedia now has 2,000,000 articles. Think it will have one billion articles ?

Wikipedia has a Userbox WAR going on at this time ( as of 07:08, 30 March 2006 (UTC)).

A new ant has been shown on the Discovery Channel. It is the Saifu Ant . It is like the Army Ant, only that it will eat humans. The show was called Killer Ants

My WP pets[edit]

Say Hi to Mecha-saur, a creature that is a mech. Among its weapons are weapons replication devices to replicate ammo and other weapons, armour, shields, power centers/sources. It can also fly, move @ hyper-hypersonic speeds, generating a shockwave. It is 400' high, 40' wide, weight, several kilotonnes, has weapons in the feet to shoot at persuers. Weapons incl. Radiation weapons. How do you like this pet ?

It's housebroken, and acts as a Homing pigeon on occasion. This was a military guard unit.
One other thing, it is a "Omni/Infinity-changer", which means it can change into any form at will or upon command.