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I live in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

To find out more about me, see my homepage at

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? This user is confused by politics.
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This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
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♂ This user is male.
Crystal Clear app aim3.png This user has no understanding of time and does everything at the last minute.
This user's favourite subject is Information Communication Technology.
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Mortarboard.jpg This user studies at the University of Ballarat.
Face-glasses.svg This user is short-sighted.
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Neuro logo.png This user is skeptical of the Zodiac.
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Asahiflex600.jpg This user enjoys photography.
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Igloo icon.svg This user prefers cold weather.
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LJ This user maintains a LiveJournal  as mrudat.
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Nuvola apps emacs.png This user contributes using GNU/Linux, but doesn't care what other people call it. Tux.svg
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Metric seal.svg This user prefers the metric system.

a²+b²=c² This user is an intermediate mathematician.
MeatSteakSmall.jpg This user is a carnivore.
C2H5OH-1 This user drinks relatively infrequently. He or she is probably the better for it.
Tetsubin1571.jpg This user drinks tea.
~_~ This user is a definite fan of anime.
Subway train 125th.jpg This user uses public transit.
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PC This user is pro-choice.
Female.svgMale.svg This user identifies as straight.
gk This user is a geek.
ZAP! No user serviceable parts inside.
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Female.svgMale.svg This user supports gender equality.
This user is evil, and frequently says muahaha.
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SophieAndersonTakethefairfaceofWoman.jpg This user is a WikiFairy.
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