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Enoch Mather Marvin bears no resemblance to Marvinthefish

Hi! I'm Marvinthefish, currently living and working in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Interests include organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, organic electronics, medicinal chemistry, the oboe, music and outdoor adventures (preferably in the sea). One of my goals is to become a Wikitrout!

I'm also keen to learn more about Wikipedia, editing and making friends.

Recently went to my first Meetup of Cambridge Wikimedians, where I sat beside a Nobel Prize winner, made new friends and listened to conversations about interesting hot topics in Wikipedia.

Before that, I attended a RSC Wikimedia event in London, where I learnt a lot about Wikipedia. During this session I mainly edited the page on actaplanin.

Works in progress (subpages)[edit]

/Appel reaction



Rowling, J.K. (2012). The Casual Vacancy (1st ed. ed.). London: Little, Brown. ISBN 9781408704202. 

Finished 2015[edit]

Archer, Jeffrey (2013). First Among Equals. London: Pan. ISBN 9781447221814. 

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