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My name is Mason Brock. I am a botanist who specializes in native plants of the United States, particularly in the Southeast. Most plants in my area don't have articles yet, and new species are still being discovered. It's a big world out there.

My current research is in riverscour communities of the Interior Low Plateau and Cumberland Plateau. There are unsubscribed communities and species in those areas. Some of my favorite things to study are grasslands, Crataegus, and Viburnum.

Photos I have taken that are being used in Wikipedia articles[edit]

All photographs are of wild specimens in their native range and habitat. No invasives, nothing cultivated :)

Photos I have taken that are now only being used in non-English Wikipedia articles[edit]

Admittedly I'm not a professional photographer. It was still fun to go find and photograph these, memories of moments in my life.

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