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Mass Ave 975
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I access from a corner of the Far East.

Mount Fuji from Mount Tō
Mount Misen from Mount Hakkyō
Mount Haku from Murodō
Crator of Mount Haku
Senjōjiki Curl of Mount Kisokoma
Mount Hiru and Mount Tanzawa from Mount Tō
Mount Amida from Mount Aka
Mount Senjō from Umanokoshi
Kiso Mountains from Mount Senjō
Mount Yari from Shinhotaka
Mount Hōō and Mount Fuji from Mount Kaikoma
Mount Yake from Shinhotaka
Mount Iō from Natsuzawa Pass
Southwall of Mount Daisen
Mount Yoko and Mount Iō from Mount Aka
Kengamine Peak of Mount Daisen
The crator lake of Mount Halla
Asahi Peak of Mount Nasu
West view from Sanbonyari Peak of Mount Nasu
Ala Archa National Park in Kyrgyz
Ala Archa National Park in Kyrgyz
At the top of Mount Takami
A stonewall of Mount Seppiko