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Hello, my name is MastaFighta. I've been a registered user on Wikipedia for some time now. I have yet to make significant contributions, but I do what I can by adding appropriate tags to pages that need them.

My Username[edit]

My username tends to give people the impression that I'm making a statement about myself, so I'll do what I can in this section to clear it up. The name "MastaFighta" is another spelling for "Master Fighter". However, I am in no way implying that I'm a master of fighting or of anything else for that matter. I first came up with this username when I registered at a martial arts website. So, in an attempt to come up with a username that sounded related to Martial Arts, I came up with "MastaFighta". It was meant to be a variation of "Master Killer" (alternate title of the film The 36th Chamber of Shaolin). So, wanting to spice it up a bit, I removed the "e" and "r" at the end of both words and replaced them with an "a". Thus, "MastaFighta" was born.