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Type 1[edit]

Name Ate Lived
Heterodontosaurus Plants Early Jurassic South Africa
Gallimimus Plants and small animals Late Cretaceous Mongolia
Velociraptor Animals Late Cretaceous Mongolia
Deinonychus Meat Early Cretaceous Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma

Type 2[edit]

Name Ate Lived
Parasaurolophus Plants Late Cretaceous Alberta, New Mexico, and Utah
Maiasaura Plants Late Cretaceous Montana
Carcharodontosaurus Meat Middle Cretaceous North Africa, Morroco, and Niger
Gastornis Meat Late Paleocene - Middle Eocene England, Belgium, France, Germany, and North America
Ceratosaurus Meat Late Jurassic North America, Tanzania, and Pourtugal
Carnotaurus Meat Late Cretaceous South America
Spinosaurus Meat Middle Cretaceous North Africa
Tarbosaurus Meat Late Cretaceous Asia
Iguanodon Plants Early Cretaceous Asia, Europe, and North America
Edmontosaurus Plants Late Cretaceous Canada
Allosaurus Meat Late Jurassic North America, Tanzania, Portugal