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Heroes of the North
Written byYann Brouillette & Michel Brouillette
Directed byChristian Viel
StarringLarry Vinette
Edith Labelle
Andy Bradshaw
Vanessa Blouin
John Fallon
Michel Brouillette
Constantine Kourtidis
Anne-Marie Losique
Pia Metni
Bianca Beauchamp
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes20
Production location(s)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Running time4–6 minutes
Original releaseNovember 1, 2009 (2009-11-01) –
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Heroes of the North is and original science fiction superhero web series that is produced in the province of Quebec, Canada. The story takes place in an alternate universe in which Canada has it’s own team of superheroes.

Series Concept[edit]

Heroes of the North is a transmedia experience where the story is told through various media (video, novel, comic books, video games, website blogs, photo novels, Facebook pages) including photographs and illustrations.


The story is set in an alternative universe where Canada has superheroes. The story begins during World War II, explaining how various events create a world with superheroes, before quickly moving to modern times as the Canadian Government tries to counter the efforts of a terrorist organization known as Medusa. The Canadian, Canada’s main superhero, is asked to recruit a team in Montreal to help him stop Medusa’s evil plans in Quebec.

Characters & Cast[edit]

THE CANADIAN (Larry Vinette):
Is portrayed as a supreme patriotic example of what Canada is all about — or should be...

FLEUR-DE-LYS (Edith Labelle):
She is the only official provincial government operative, a privilege granted after much complaining from the Bloc Quebecois...

8 BALL (Andy Bradshaw):
Tony Falcon, an ex-soldier and pool champion, goes ballistic on a group of thugs who killed his wife in a failed robbery attempt.

NORDIK (Vanessa Blouin):
Due to threats over Canadian Arctic sovereignty by foreign nations, she is assigned to protect Northern Quebec and the corresponding Arctic regions.

BLACK TERROR (John Fallon):
Pharmacologist Bob Benton was working on a nanotechnology application to reinforce muscles with the goal of helping paraplegics to walk one day. When his lab got attacked by Medusa, the nanobots got injected in Benton's body, which gave him super strength and stamina, with the side-effect of continuous headaches and pain.

CANADIAN SHIELD (Michel Brouillette):
The only Section 8 success story from World War II, meaning the only one to successfully complete the program without major harm or mental imbalance. He is the grandfather of the present day Canadian.

DR. JOSEPH MENGELE (Constantine Kourtidis):
A Nazi scientist who figured out how to revive the dead.

MADAME DOOM (Anne-Marie Losique):
A former Quebec beauty queen whose face was partially destroyed by a bottle of acid thrown by a disgruntled feminist, leaving her partially disfigured. She hides her face behind a Phantom of the Opera style mask.

Diana Adams was a bored socialite (like Paris Hilton but with a brain) who decided to spice up her life by taking on the identity of Masquerade, a masked vigilante.

CRIMSON (Bianca Beauchamp):
A statuesque red-headed assassin-for-hire who often works for Medusa.

HORNET (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais):
Little is known at the moment about the Hornet besides her mischievous nature, her statuesque looks, and her amazing martial arts abilities.

A splinter group of a homegrown Quebec patriotic terrorist group.

Season 1 (2009–2010)[edit]

EPISODE ONE – Canadian Shield – Genesis
EPISODE TWO – 8 Ball – Origins
EPISODE THREE – The Canadian – Origins
EPISODE FOUR – Fleur-de-Lys- Origins
EPISODE FIVE – Black Terror – Origins
EPISODE SIX – Nordik – Origins
EPISODE SEVEN – Kiss of Death
EPISODE EIGHT – Brothers in Arms
EPISODE NINE – Secret Lives
EPISODE TEN – Cold Turkey
EPISODE ELEVEN – All that Masquerade!
EPISODE THIRTEEN – Fashion Statemate
EPISODE FOURTEEN – Enter the Zombots
EPISODE FIFTEEN – Death is the new Black
EPISODE SIXTEEN – Past and present
EPISODE NINETEEN – Operation Roche & Roule
EPISODE TWENTY – Hornet’s Nest


Heroes of the North was nominated by for ‘Best Web Drama 2010’. [1]

The series also nominated in 8 different categories for the Annual Indie Intertube Awards 2010. [2]

In other media[edit]


For simpler stories, the producers create photo novels, a cross between a webisode and a comic book. They deal with more intimate material that still requires a visual aspect. They are available as downloadable pdfs on the site and in print form their online store.

Video Games[edit]

The video game is available online and can be exported to iPhone and other platforms. It is a mystery/adventure piece à la Myst with various clues interspersed throughout and intercut with bouts of first person shooting and Mortal Kombat style fighting levels. The story of the game, while simple, will be integrated into the main storyline.


Besides the main site, [], which acts as the hub for an online store, media components and is the anchor of the series, the producers also have created an related website:

The site, of the Canadian Defense Organization, is the official federal bureau for all superhero activities. This is where you can test hero concepts and progress the storyline by providing a wealth of information about Medusa and other villains. Like the Medusa site, special codes gathered on the Heroes of the North site can unlock secret aspects of the site.

External links[edit]

In-universe websites