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While I was once very active, bordering perhaps upon too active upon Wikipedia, I no longer have the time nor the passion to contribute to the same degree. Still, my use of Wikipedia as a reference has remained consistent, and I find myself still fixing the odd typo every so often, in the hopes that I can continue to help.

Wikipedia has changed so much since I first came - as perhaps most things do in eight years. Still, I cannot help but be amazed at how much of an impact something as "simple" as a free encyclopedia has had upon the world. Knowledge must be free, and I'm glad to see that Wikipedia has ensured that will always be the case.

I won't drop a retirement banner on this page, that's much too cliche. Even this stretches the boundary. I'll continue to visit - drop me a line if you'd like my help in something. I can't promise a prompt response, but I'll respond....sometime :)


I'd like to thank The Random Editor, from whom's userpage I used as a base.

Tip of the Day[edit]

Tip of the day...
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Besides the Tip of the day collection page, here's a (baker's) dozen places to find out more about Wikipedia, and become proficient fast:

  1. Help:Contents
  2. Wikipedia:Community portal
  3. Wikipedia:Department directory
  4. Wikipedia:Quick directory
  5. Wikipedia:FAQ
  6. Wikipedia:Help desk *
  7. Wikipedia:Manual of Style
  8. Wikipedia:New contributors' help page *
  9. Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines
  10. Wikipedia:Shortcut directory
  11. Wikipedia:Templates
  12. Wikipedia:Tools
  13. Wikipedia:Village pump *

* Those with asterisks after them are places to ask questions, and read the answers to questions posed by others.

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