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This User is a Bangladeshi but work in worldwide Wikipedia. Such as Commons, বাংলা, हिंदी, اردو

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Masum Ibn Musa
— Wikipedian  —
Masum Ibn Musa
Masum Ibn Musa
Name Masum Ibn Musa
Born Muhammad Masum Ibn Musa
(1991-12-15) 15 December 1991 (age 26)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Country  Bangladesh
Current location Dhaka
Time zone GMT+6
Current time 01:27 PM
Ethnicity Bengali
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 55 Kgs
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Blood type B+
Sexuality Male
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Girlfriend Secrete
Boyfriend A lot of
Children Not yet married, so no children
Education and employment
Occupation Student
Employer Computer Operator
Education BA(Hons), MA(Economics)
High school Kayra Madinabad Model School
College Kapotakhma College
University Govt. BL College
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Gardening, Listening Music
Religion Islam
Politics Always Islamic Party

Wikipedia editing and creating article
Listening classical music
Watching Cricket or playing
Watching Bengali and Hindi Movies
Internet operating
Chat with Twitter
Facebook chatting with all of my friend

Contact info
Twitter @masumibnmusa
YouTube masumibnmusa
Account statistics
Joined 12 February 2008
Edit count 9999
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Masum Ibn Musa (Bengali: মাসুম ইবনে মুসা) is a Wikipedian from Khulna, Bangladesh. He is involved in many internet activities. He has mostly edited pages on cricketers, actors, and actresses. When he graduated, he felt the responsibility to become involved in social work, writing, and also as an electrician. He is also known as a computer specialist and a computer literacy trainer.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Masum was born in Borobari, Uttar Bedkashi, Kayra Thana District of Khulna. His first childhood teacher was his grandfather, Master Habibur Rahman. He completed his primary education at Borobari Primary School. Then he received his Secondary School Certificate at Kayra Madinabad High School in 2006. His university education was completed at the Institute of Kapotakhma College (2008). From 2004-2008, he was awarded the best teacher of computer teaching at the MM Computer Institute, formerly known as College Computer. In 2006, he established his own computer institute, Diganta Computer. He was started his BBA Hons in Economics (2009-2012) and a MA in Economics (2013) at Govt. BL College Khulna.

Starting Wikipedia[edit]

Masum became a Wikipedian in 2008 but his editing activity started in 2010. He has edited pages about cricketers, singers, athletes, and stars (actors and actresses) in Dhallywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood. He has edited the Bengali language version of Wikipedia.

Internet Activities and Achievements[edit]

Masum is the member of Internet Movie Database. He has contributed to the international movie database, and improving movie articles. He has also uploaded videos to Youtube.

Masum also worked for the Bangladesh Election Commission in 2008 as a computer operator for taking photos, fingerprinting, and collecting voter information and voter cards. For these activities he was recognized as the first place computer operator in Khulna. In 2013, he successfully completed an English course at BBC Janala. He can speak the English language very naturally. He also writes poems for a local magazine. He has written a book on how to use MS Office, including the basics of MS word, MS excel MS PowerPoint and MS Access.

Wikipedia Articles[edit]

Article that I have created[edit]

S.L Artist Role Country
001 Peace TV Bangla TV Channel United Arab Emirates
002 Alamgir Actor Bangladesh
003 Popy Actress Bangladesh
004 Parveen Sultana Diti Actress Bangladesh
005 Suchorita Actress Bangladesh
006 Nipun Akter Actress Bangladesh
007 Kazi Hayat Director Bangladesh
008 Amol Bose Actor Bangladesh
009 Kithuruwan Vithanage Crickter Sri Lanka
010 Rani Kuthir Baki Itihash Bengali Film Bangladesh
011 Jaagoo Bengali Film Bangladesh
012 Biyer Phul Bengali Film Bangladesh
013 Hridoyer Katha Bengali Film Bangladesh
014 Chandragrohon Bengali Film Bangladesh
015 Kusum Kusum Prem Bengali Film Bangladesh
016 Soshur Bari Zindabad Bengali Film Bangladesh
017 Kaderi Kibria Singer Bangladesh
018 Sadia Jahan Prova Actress Bangladesh
019 Mahfuz Ahmed Actor Bangladesh
020 Aditi Mohsin Singer Bangladesh
021 Champa Actress Bangladesh
022 Omor Sunny Actor Bangladesh
023 Ayasha Rahman Crickter Bangladesh
024 Chamely Khatun Crickter Bangladesh
025 Champa Chakma Crickter Bangladesh
026 Jahanara Alam Crickter Bangladesh
027 Lata Mondal Crickter Bangladesh
028 Mina Khatun Crickter Bangladesh
029 Panna Ghosh Crickter Bangladesh
030 Shathira Jakir Crickter Bangladesh
031 Sultana Yesmin Crickter Bangladesh
032 Tazia Akhter Crickter Bangladesh
033 Tithy Sarkar Crickter Bangladesh
034 Farzana Hoque Crickter Bangladesh
035 Shohely Akhter Crickter Bangladesh
036 Rumana Ahmed Crickter Bangladesh
037 Sanjida Islam Crickter Bangladesh
038 Khadija Tul Kubra Crickter Bangladesh
039 Sharmin Akhter Crickter Bangladesh
040 Tahin Tahera Crickter Bangladesh
041 Shukhtara Rahman Crickter Bangladesh
042 Salma Khatun Crickter Bangladesh
043 Masooma Junaid Crickter Pakistan
044 Sana Gulzar Crickter Pakistan
045 Sumaiya Siddiqi Crickter Pakistan
046 Kanwal Naz Crickter Pakistan
047 Shumaila Qureshi Crickter Pakistan
048 Badsha Miah Kabaddi Bangladesh
049 Hena Akhter Kabaddi Bangladesh
050 Rupali Akhter Kabaddi Bangladesh
051 Kazi Shahin Ara Kabaddi Bangladesh
052 Arzana Akhter Baby Kabaddi Bangladesh
053 Juni Chakma Kabaddi Bangladesh
054 Shahnaz Parvin Maleka Kabaddi Bangladesh
055 Kochi Rani Mondal Kabaddi Bangladesh
056 Ismat Ara Nishi Kabaddi Bangladesh
057 Maleka Parvin Kabaddi Bangladesh
058 Sharmin Sultana Rima Kabaddi Bangladesh
059 Fatema Akhter Poly Kabaddi Bangladesh
060 Dolly Shefali Kabaddi Bangladesh
061 Bhat De Film Bangladesh
062 Shaiman Anwar Cricketer United Arab Emirates
063 Rohan Mustafa Cricketer United Arab Emirates
064 Nasir Aziz Cricketer United Arab Emirates
065 Kamran Shahzad Cricketer United Arab Emirates
066 Babar Hayat Cricketer Hong Kong
067 Kinchit Shah Cricketer Hong Kong
068 Usman Limbada Cricketer Canada
069 Raza-ur-Rehman Cricketer Canada
070 Salman Nazar Cricketer Canada
071 Hiral Patel Cricketer Canada
072 Daljeet Singh Cricketer Canada
073 Manny Aulakh Cricketer Canada
074 Tim Gruijters Cricketer Netherlands
075 Paul van Meekeren Cricketer Netherlands
076 Jamuna TV TV Channel Bangladesh
077 Bangladesh Pratidin Newspaper Bangladesh
078 O Priya Tumi Kothay Songs Bangladesh
079 O Priya Tumi Kothay (album) Album Bangladesh
080 Mustafizur Rahman Cricketer Bangladesh
081 Mohammad Shahid Cricketer Bangladesh
082 Naznin Hasan Chumki Actress Bangladesh
083 Shimla Actress Bangladesh
084 Monir Khan Singer Bangladesh
085 Syed Abdul Hadi Singer Bangladesh
086 Mehedi Hasan Cricketer Bangladesh
087 Pinak Ghosh Cricketer Bangladesh
088 Shahanur Rahman Cricketer Bangladesh
089 Shahanur Rahman Cricketer Bangladesh
090 Mohammad Saifuddin Cricketer Bangladesh
091 Khaleda Aktar Kolpona Actress Bangladesh
092 Mehedi Hasan Rana Cricketer Bangladesh
093 Abdul Halim Cricketer Bangladesh
094 Saleh Ahmed Cricketer Bangladesh
095 Saif Hassan Cricketer Bangladesh
096 Padma Meghna Jamuna Film Bangladesh
097 Saeed Sarkar Cricketer Bangladesh
098 Rifat Pradhan Cricketer Bangladesh
099 Shammi Akhtar Singer Bangladesh
100 Amad Butt Cricketer Pakistan
101 Goriber Bou Film Bangladesh
102 Irfanullah Shah Cricketer Pakistan
103 Saud Shakeel Cricketer Pakistan
104 Hussain Talat Cricketer Pakistan
105 Salman Saeed Cricketer Pakistan
106 Aamir Gani Cricketer India
107 Anya Jibon Film Bangladesh
108 Aro Bhalobashbo Tomay Film Bangladesh
109 Uma Khan Singer Bangladesh
110 SA Haque Alik Director Bangladesh
111 Rajababu - The Power Film Bangladesh
112 Ritu Moni Cricketer Bangladesh
113 Ayesha Zafar Cricketer Pakistan
114 Mohommed Ali Shah Actor India
115 Ekattor TV TV Bangladesh
116 Harabo Toke Song Bangladesh
117 Coolie Film Bangladesh
118 Masum Aziz Actor Bangladesh
119 Mizu Ahmed Actor Bangladesh
120 Rumana Islam Kanak Chapa Singer Bangladesh
121 Chandana Mazumdar Singer Bangladesh
122 Motin Rahman Director Bangladesh
123 Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Story Awards Bangladesh
124 Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Dialogue Awards Bangladesh
125 Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Screenplay Awards Bangladesh
126 Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Choreography Awards Bangladesh
127 Zakir Hossain Raju Director Bangladesh
128 Shibli Sadik Director Bangladesh
129 Nargis Akhter Director Bangladesh
130 Dui Jibon Film Bangladesh
131 Bosundhora Film Bangladesh
132 Suborna Shirin Actress Bangladesh
133 Helal Khan Actor Bangladesh
134 List of international cricket centuries by Shakib Al Hasan List of Century Bangladesh
135 List of international cricket centuries by Tamim Iqbal List of Century Bangladesh
136 List of international cricket centuries by Mushfiqur Rahim List of Century Bangladesh
137 Bangladesh National Film Award for Lifetime Achievement List of Century Bangladesh
138 Rani Sarker Actress Bangladesh
139 2022 ICC Women's World Twenty20 Cricket Worldwide
140 Shabnom Bubly Actress Bangladesh
141 Ohongkar Film Bangladesh
142 Dulavai Zindabad Film Bangladesh
143 Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College College Bangladesh
144 Khulna Govt. Girls College College Bangladesh
145 Samroj Ajmi Alvi Acctres Bangladesh
146 Snehal Sampat Salunkhe Kabbadi India
147 Snehal Sampat Salunkhe Kabbadi India
148 Kavitha Selvaraj Kabbadi India
149 Deepika Henry Joseph Kabbadi India
150 Kalyani Marella Kabbadi India
151 Smita Kumari Kabbadi India
152 Shila Akhter Kabbadi Bangladesh
153 Suma Akhter Kabbadi Bangladesh
154 Mita Khatun Kabbadi Bangladesh
155 Tuktuki Akhter Kabbadi Bangladesh
156 Azmira Khatun Dola Kabbadi Bangladesh
157 Jasmer Singh Kabbadi India
158 Samarjeet Kabbadi India
159 Jeeva Kumar Kabbadi India
160 Sonu Narwal Kabbadi India
161 Navneet Gautam Kabbadi India
162 Kaptan Singh Kabbadi India
163 Jagdeep Singh (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
164 Pooja Sharma (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
165 Manisha (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
166 V. Tejeswini Bai Kabbadi India
167 Nasir Ali (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
168 Wajid Ali (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
169 Waseem Sajjad Kabbadi Pakistan
170 Muhammad Khalid (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
171 Muhammad Arshad (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
172 Ibrar Hussain (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
173 Abrar Khan Kabbadi Pakistan
174 Maqsood Ali Kabbadi Pakistan
175 Atif Waheed Kabbadi Pakistan
176 Akhlaq Hussain Kabbadi Pakistan
177 Muhammad Ali (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
178 Gurpreet Singh (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
179 Surjeet Kumar Kabbadi India
180 Parveen Kumar (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
181 Nitin Madane Kabbadi India
182 Surjeet Singh Narwal Kabbadi India
183 Rajaguru Subramanian Kabbadi India
184 Muhammad Kashif (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
185 Muhammad Rizwan (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
186 Aqeel Hassan Kabbadi Pakistan
187 Muhammad Nisar Kabbadi Pakistan
188 Muhammad Shahbaz Anwar Kabbadi Pakistan
189 Shabbir Ahmed (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
190 Hassan Ali (kabaddi) Kabbadi Pakistan
191 Kavita Devi (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
192 Abhilasha Mhatre Kabbadi India
193 Pooja Thakur (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
194 Priyanka (kabaddi) Kabbadi India
195 Anita Mavi Kabbadi India
196 Lakshman Singh Jayanthi Kabbadi India
197 Sumitra Sharma Kabbadi India
198 Kishore Dilip Shinde Kabbadi India
199 Esra Bilgiç Actress Turkey
200 Sadek Bachchu Actor Bangladesh
201 Ami Neta Hobo Film Bangladesh
202 Lal Lipstick Film song Bangladesh
203 Uttam Akash Director Bangladesh
204 Misty Jannat Actress Bangladesh
205 Shahadat Hossain Liton Director Bangladesh
206 Asif Imrose Actor Bangladesh
207 Mamla Hamla Jhamela Film Bangladesh
208 List of Bangladeshi films of 1970 Film list Bangladesh
209 List of Bangladeshi films of 1969 Film list Bangladesh
210 List of Bangladeshi films of 1968 Film list Bangladesh
211 List of Bangladeshi films of 1967 Film list Bangladesh
212 List of Bangladeshi films of 1966 Film list Bangladesh
213 List of Bangladeshi films of 1965 Film list Bangladesh
214 List of Bangladeshi films of 1964 Film list Bangladesh
215 List of Bangladeshi films of 1965 Film list Bangladesh
216 List of Bangladeshi films of 1974 Film list Bangladesh
217 List of Bangladeshi films of 1963 Film list Bangladesh
218 List of Bangladeshi films of 1962 Film list Bangladesh
219 List of Bangladeshi films of 1961 Film list Bangladesh
220 List of Bangladeshi films of 1960 Film list Bangladesh
221 List of Bangladeshi films of 1959 Film list Bangladesh
222 List of Bangladeshi films of 1956 Film list Bangladesh
223 Shawkat Akbar Actor Bangladesh
224 Rawshan Ara Actress Bangladesh
225 Dilip Biswas Director Bangladesh
226 Kazi Khalek Actor Bangladesh
227 Chitra Sinha Actress Bangladesh
228 Nasima Khan Actress Bangladesh
229 Masum Parvez Rubel Actor Bangladesh
230 Alamgir Kumkum Actor Bangladesh
231 Sohel Chowdhury Actor Bangladesh
232 Chumma Song Bangladesh
233 Asiya Film Bangladesh
234 Rajdhanir Buke Film Bangladesh
235 Kokhono Aseni Film Bangladesh
236 Kancher Deyal Film Bangladesh
237 Bandi Theke Begum Film Bangladesh
238 Nacher Putul Film Bangladesh
239 Jadur Bashi Film Bangladesh
240 Ghuddi Film Bangladesh
241 Harunur Rashid (filmmaker) Director Bangladesh
242 Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Editing Award Bangladesh
243 Saidul Anam Tutul Editor Bangladesh
244 Ahona Rahman Actress Bangladesh
245 Sabnam Faria Actress Bangladesh
246 Chalbaaz Film Bangladesh

Article that i have made good article[edit]

S.L Artist Role Country
01 Mustafizur Rahman Cricketer Bangladesh

Article that i have edited for good article[edit]

S.L Artist Role Country
01 Shakib Khan Actor Bangladesh
02 Ahmed Shehzad Cricketer Pakistan
03 Nusrat Jahan Actress India
04 Sharjeel Khan Cricketer Pakistan
05 Asif Akbar Singer Bangladesh
Ekushey Wiki Gathering in Khulna, 2018

Useful links[edit]

Masum Ibn Musa at Mohali, India
Masum Ibn Musa at Wikiconference India 2016
Masum Ibn Musa at home

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