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The page owner, propping up a brewery.

Primary interests[edit]

  • Mathematics (differential geometry, algebraic topology, numerical analysis).
  • 20th and 21st Century history, and international relations.
  • Punk rock.

Brief CV[edit]

  • MSc Applied Numerical Computing, Manchester, 2005.
Thesis: `Symplectic Integrators and Optimal Control'. Advisor: T. Shardlow.
  • MA Mathematics, UPenn, 2004.
Thesis: `If a Finitely Generated Group is of Near-Polynomial Growth
then it has a Nilpotent Subgroup of Finite Index'. Adviser: J. Block.
  • MMath, Warwick, 2002.
Thesis: `Causality on Spacetimes'. Advisor: J. Rawnsley.